Why Segway Tours Are Becoming So Popular


Segway Tours are becoming increasingly popular in cities both large and small throughout the United States. They are an excellent way to see tourist sites without having to be cooped up in a tour bus.

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So Segway tours are great fun for older kids who will enjoy cruising around on their personal segway! An added benefit of segway tours is that they are able to cover a wider area than a walking tour within the same time frame.

For those who do not know, help from Wikipedia: Segway is an electric self-balancing vehicle with two wheels located on both sides of the driver, looks like a chariot. Invented by Dean Kamen. The name of the manufacturer's company, transferred to the vehicle itself - “Segway” - comes from the musical term “segve” (ital. Segue [ˈsegwe], which means “follow, go for”). The words "scooter" and "scooter" are also used as names.

Guided Tours without the Confines of a Bus

There is not much worse than being cooped up in a tour bus with 75 other passengers all trying to lean over each other in an effort to see a city’s site through a dirty bus window.

Segway tours offer an easy, fun and affordable alternative to these big bus tours. The best part is that no experience is necessary to operate a segway and nearly everyone can do it! All segway tours start off with a training session with a guide who will clearly explain how to operate a segway. The guide will make sure that each guest is comfortable with their Segway before setting out on the tour.

After setting off, the Segways usually form a single file line with the guide in front. When the Segway tour reaches an interesting site or attraction, the group will stop in front of the site where the guide will provide an explanation and answer questions about the site.

This adds a more personal approach than one would never be able to experience on a big bus tour, and there is no need to jockey for position to take the perfect picture. Also, Segways can easily cruise along sidewalks and narrow city streets while the bus tours are often stuck in traffic!

Fun for Older Kids

Older kids are often hesitant to take guided tours as they feel they might be bored. However, Segway tours put a whole new twist on the tour industry and older kids love to ride these contraptions!

The unique opportunity to operate a personal Segway is very appealing to kids, and an adventure as well! As it is easier than riding a bike, older kids are more than ready to ride after their training session. Unlike a walking tour, older kids will have no chance to get bored as they cruise from sight to sight on their personal Segway.


Using segway do not forget about security

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Segway tours can cover much more ground than a walking tour as guests are comfortably cruising through a city. Walking groups will often look over in jealousy as a Segway tour glides effortlessly past their group. With a limited amount of time in any area, it is best to see as much as possible.

These tours can allow guests to easily achieve this goal. It is easy to imagine that a Segway tour can easily include twice as many sites as a walking tour within the same time frame. Segway tours are the way to roll!