When is the Best Time to Kenya Safaris in 2023?


June through October is the ideal time to visit Kenya Safaris. You will find that there is little chance of rain and the days are mild. Kenya is an excellent place to go on safari or a beach vacation any time of the year. This place has varied landscape and pleasant climate.

Between the months of January and March is the greatest time to visit Kenya for a safari. This is because of the pleasant weather and excellent chances of seeing wild animals.

Rainy season travel is highly recommended. This is specifically from around the middle of March until the end of June, and again in November and December. You may save money on safari lodges in Kenya and avoid the throngs of tourists by visiting during the off season.

Trust me when you will visit this place for the first time, you will fall in love with its beauty and natural habitat.

Which animals may be seen on Kenya safari?

The big five are the elephant, kaffir buffalo, leopard, lion, and rhinoceros. And they are the creatures that most people imagine seeing on a safari in Kenya. The areas where you can see these animals are many in Kenya, and the list above is simply the tip of the iceberg.

While in Kenya, you will get the opportunity to observe two of the world's most fascinating animals: lions and leopards. It's far simpler to spot a lion than it is a jaguar. Jaguars like to be active at night. But when they spot a human, lions will usually approach rather than retreat. T

hey stretch about two metres in length and are common sights in Kenya's national parks and reserves. Despite this, illegal killing is still a problem, and there are now less than 2,000 lions in Kenya.

Sightings of the melanistic leopard, sometimes known as the blank panther, are rare. It is yet possible in the highland parts of Mount Kenya and the Aberdare range. In addition to leopards, servals, and caracals, cheetahs (which can run up to 70 mph) can be seen in any of Kenya's major parks.

Kenya is home to both black and white rhinoceros, as well as hippos in its rivers. About 600 black rhinos and the world's last two white rhinos can be found at Kenya's Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Both species are critically endangered. Because they are both female, this subspecies is destined to become extinct.

Elephants are common in Kenya and are known for their large size and powerful personality. This is simply making them one of the most interesting animals to observe. Elephants are essential to ecosystems because they excavate drinking holes, provide dead wood for insects, aerate the soil, and spread acacia seeds through their faeces.


In addition to the items listed above, remember to carry a bottle of water and a camera to capture the beauty of the African bush. To get the greatest look at the wildlife, a pair of binoculars is also a good idea to bring along, as are insect repellant and lip balm.

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