What to pack for Ladakh Bike Tour?

So, you’re all set to hit Ladakh trip this time, you’ve managed to get over the delays and excuses and this time you’re going to live your dream of visiting Ladakh. Congratulations and have a sound and safe journey. I hope that you’re all prepared with your bags and guts to set out. Let’s see if you have packed your bags well for this dream trip to paradise.


Though the needs and therefore the luggage varies from person to person there are certain things that you need to carry regardless.


Ladakh is a cold desert; rain is just a mirage there. So now you can estimate that day are going to be relatively pleasant and nights a total nightmare. The problem with the cools of the desert is that it is penetrating, not your everyday cold that is just hard and tough. Another factor that should be kept in mind is altitude and the altitude sickness that it gifts you with. Also, it is a ladakh bike tour:  the luggage should be kept minimum but optimum and utmost care about your health and body should be taken.


Carry lots of chocolates and dry fruits and with it, a Thermos bottle that can keep your water warm. If you work out and have access, you can also take whey with you as it will do well with your hunger, is light and fulfilling and a protective food that will keep your spirits built up. Also, ensure that you’ve taken some important medicines for altitude sickness and your personal ones too.


Camera, power banks are but ubiquitous in any journey. You should carry a warm sleeping bag, two jackets or pullovers to keep yourself warm, a pair of good, waterproof gloves, caps for protecting your head and neck, about 2 pairs of thermal inners, 2-3 pairs of socks and good waterproof shoes. Also, try to avoid cutting streams from the middle while travelling and it will be better if you carry waterproof boots with you. The grandeur of Ladakh is incomplete without the numerous water traces in between from different passes. Take proper precautions with your gear, speed and agility so that you can enjoy the trip at your best.


As it is a bike trip, check that you’ve taken all the motorcycle essentials and repairing kit with you. If you’re going with a company that has all pre-planned for you, you can spare yourself from this but if hitting the roads alone or in the group, this step is the most vital one. Your steel horse needs its maintenance and fuel and so do you.  Petrol jar, spare tube, puncture kit, chain lock, etc. Are indispensable for you and your bike on this trip.

A high SPF sunscreen lotion and a moisturizer must be carried, you can go for the ones containing Shea butter as it is rich in Vitamin A and also a natural sunscreen. It’s good for literally everything, repairing and healing, protecting your skin from infections and covering. You should also carry glucose with you for the hard times and yes, the toiletries as required. Toothpaste, soap, toothbrush, trimmer, etc according to your preferences.  



The terrains are tough and your enthusiasm high, but this doesn’t save you from little cuts and scrapes. Carry some band-aids, crepe bandages and an antiseptic cream with you. If you carry pure Shea butter, you don’t need to carry another cream because of its antimicrobial properties.


A pair of reflector sunglasses and a cool helmet and with them your licenses for the ILP, vehicle certificates and related documents should be carried for the seamless ride. Also, carry some cash and petrol cans as they are not accessible at all the points. Lastly, ensure that you’ve taken a good quality bag which can endure the terrains with as much stub as you do.


Happy journey. Hurry up! Book your ladakh bike trip packages

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