What to do in Hurghada

Taking some tours from Hurghada are considered according to many, the best way to discover a huge part of Egypt through moving to other impressive Egyptian cities that narrate various parts of the history of the land of Civilization “Egypt”. With no doubt Hurghada is one of its kind that generally known with its coral reefs, beautiful beaches, amazing clubs & hotels in addition to all ways of enjoyment so what do you think of additional tours in the Pharaohnic land?


Now you may wonder why you chose Hurghada to be the starting point of your venture!! The key word for answering such a question is “Happiness”, to make your stay in Egypt an unforgettable one by combining both your meditation & relaxation indwelling in Hurghada with different visits to the majestic wonders in different destinations so check some of the best Hurghada activities and see the amazing things that you can do in Egypt.

There are many travel agencies in Hurghada organize breathtaking private tours.

Here are some of the most notable and highly reserved tours from Hurghada:

While being in Hurghada, you can simply take a trip with a plane to Cairo, where you will witness the magic of the most exquisite historical attractions that are visited with hundreds if not thousands with tourists monthly because of the huge construction of temples, pyramids, and tombs there. You’ll be able to cast your eyes on the three main pyramids of Giza plus visiting Giza Sphinx and heading to the other historical Islamic & Coptic part of Cairo to Visit Cairo Citadel and its Mohamed Ali Mosque, the Hanging Church, Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, and other more fanciful sightseeing in the city of a thousand Minarets.

You can also have different gorgeous tours from Hurghada to head to Luxor, where you will be face to face with a 7000 years of civilization that is depicted on the temples’ walls like the magnificent temples of Hatshepsut, Luxor, Karnak and you also have the ability to get into a car to visit Valley of the Kings that is going to make your trip a truly spiritual one while visiting the tombs of great Kings and queens.

Moreover, no better chance to make use of the unbearable Hurghada excursions to visit Aswan, the most beautiful Nubian city that is known with its remarkable pharaohnic landmarks including Abu Simbel Temples of Ramesses II that you don’t have to miss especially in its two most adorable celebrations yearly on October 22nd & February 22nd. You can also head to Philae Temple and the High Dam to mix between ancient and modern Egyptian achievements.