What no one told you about food in Mumbai

Mumbai is known for its food, including street food and fine dining. The city of dreams has unbelievably delicious cuisines that are available all year round. From fish stew to mirchi Vada pao, there are a lot of options available to Mumbaikars and those visiting for the first time. What no one tells you about the food here is that the ingredients are perfectly created to tell you a story.


If you order a plate of pani-puri or some nice kulfi on the beach, you are tasting the rich history of the city’s pride. A simple food item or something off the menu can give you that sense of refreshment and history. There is a lot of variety on the menu, giving you a taste-bud journey through the many regions of India.

Since Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city, there are a lot of delicacies that arrive from around the country. Mumbai, being at the centre of it all, has access to innumerable cuisines and palate teasers within the city. You can check out many of the top 10 restaurants in Mumbai and feel like you’ve spent a productive weekend. You can also review many of the top hotels here, as they usually have quality dining service and wines.

Mumbai also has a mix of different cultures and vibes in the city. That’s why you’ll start to find unique locales that offer these complex cuisines. From Bandra’s Parsi cuisines to Colaba’s fish and chips, Mumbai has a wide variety of complex dishes. Owing to the mix of different people here, their cuisines have become famous across the city. Every zone has its own special restaurant that serves them the best.

What many people didn’t tell you about Mumbai is its obsession with Chai. Bombay Cutting Chai is one of the most popular forms of relaxation and destressing. The chai is absolutely brilliant during the rainy season, bringing with it some much needed rejuvenation and life. Chai here is usually served with mixed spices that add an extra sense of health, prosperity and joy. Mumbai runs on seasonal cuisines, with summers being quite popular for Mango based food.

Many top hotels in Mumbai near CST, like The LaLiT Mumbai, offer up quality Maharashtrian delicacies. They’re known for offering authentic cuisines that reflect the culture and vibe of the state. They’re also quite posh and offer a unique experience to diners who reserve in advance. Getting a table at one of the top hotels in Mumbai is a grand experience in and of itself. These hotels offer you a unique insight into some of the tastiest foods in the city.