What is the Indian e Visa Fee and Processing Time?


India has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world in recent years because of the changes made to the visa policies by the Indian government. Now, you will see some relaxation in the visa rules for India. 

If you are looking for e- tourist visa India, you must know about the rules and regulations. Today, we are going to talk about the processing time and visa fee. 

Let’s get started. 

But first, we need to talk about the visa duration for the tourists because both of these things depend on the duration of the visa. 

E-tourist Visa Validity

According to the recent changes made to the Indian visa, you have three options. The options were three earlier also, but the duration has changed, and here is the list of current validity periods for the e-tourist visa. 

You can get a one-month e-visa, a one-year e-visa, and a five-year e-tourist visa. Yes, you can now get a five-year e-tourist visa to India with multiple entries allowed. Now, let’s look at the current fee structure for e visa India.

Visa fee 

If you are looking to apply for the Indian tourist visa online, then you have to shell out a max of 80 dollars for a five-year visa. But you have to pay 10 dollars (from April to June) and 25 dollars (rest of the year) for a one-month visa and 40 dollars for a one-year visa. 

So, you can choose the validity according to your requirements and budget for your trip. It is very easy to obtain an Indian business visa by applying using their online website. The fee for e-business visa India is 80 dollars for one-year validity with multiple entries. 

The e-conference and e-medical visa will also cost you 80 dollars for their validity periods. 

The Processing Time

The processing time for e visa India is generally around seven working days when you apply for normal application processing.

But when you apply for urgent application processing, you can get your visa within four days from the application. However, you have the option to apply 120 days before your date of arrival, but most people apply 15 days before from their date of travel to be sure. 

If you have filled your form correctly and provided all the documents needed for the visa verification process, the chances are that you’ll get it without any worry.

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