Is Nepal safe from Corona Virus (Covid-19)?

Nepal is safe country for travelling because it is a country where there very few infected people from corona virus and also till today on one died which means Nepal is safe Country to Travel.

What are the major symptoms of Corona Virus?

There are quite some symptoms of Corona virus but the major symptoms are cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, Headache, fever over 104 degree centigrade and fatigue.

Is there any limit of time to recover corona Virus disease (Pandemic)?

Well, the recovery time of corona virus is not fixed however; the approximate time to recover is about 2 to 3 weeks. If the patient diagnosed in a early phage it does not take more than 2 weeks to recover if patient are already in critical situation than it may takes more than 3 weeks and no time limits.

Can covid-19 disease spread through the food?

Yes, food is also the way of covid-19 disease transformation but if you are caring and taking hygiene food ( safe practice of food) it can prevent the transmission of disease. The material such as metal, wood, cartoon of fruits also can transmit the Covid -19 disease.

What kind of people are at risk form corona Virus?

All age people can be infects from covid-19, so there are no age restrictions. However, mainly the people over 60 plus age are at risk and the people who have been suffering from Heart related disease, Diabetes, asthma and Cancer. Otherwise, if you are taking good care you may not be infects from Corona Virus (Covid-19).
The immunity power and your willing power are the main privation against covid-19.

Can babies get the coronavirus disease?

Yes, babies are also can be infected from Corona Virus disease but the ration of baby infections are relatively less than other age people. However, any age of people can be infected from infected.

Is there vaccine developed for corona virus recovery?

It is new disease also a pandemic virus hence; it may take few years to develop vaccine however, there are so many researches from all over the world but the vaccine are not developed yet.
Is it safe to exercise outside of home during corona virus pandemic?
As you know that it is pandemic so you better stay at home safely and do some exercise, your small mistake can create such a massive problem around you and slowly in the world. The next, if you have fever, rapid cough, problem of breathing than you have to consult with doctors and stay separately using some medicine recommended by doctors.

What numbers of people are infected in Nepal till now?

Nepal is still not too bad from corona pandemic but till today the number of infected peoples are 1086 and it is increasing slowly day by day. Sadly there are 6 all different age people are died in Nepal till today.

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