4 Reasons to Visit Mumbai in September


The rains have settled, and the weather is just perfect for visitors especially in September. That’s why this is the month so popular for travellers who don’t want to get stuck during the busy wedding-Christmas season of November and December. September serves as the perfect balance point between the busy months surrounding it and is a great month to visit the city of dreams, Mumbai (Bombay).

Perfect Weather Conditions

While Mumbai rains are generally unpredictable, September is the one month where the showers get under control. That moment you wake up after the last showers have taken place, is priceless. The colours of the city come alive and a cup of coffee at a top hotel does the trick. five-star hotels in Mumbai like The LaLiT Mumbai are packed during this time of the year. Travellers want to get the best views from their window and enjoy the calming sounds of nature in the chaotic city.  

Booming Party Life

March to June are often considered the humid months in Mumbai, with July and August being the rainy season months. Mumbai’s appetite for outdoor exploration is at its peak in September. That’s when the city comes alive and parties all night long. The residents visit some of the hottest clubs in the city and have a great time dancing to the latest beats. It’s also the one month where everyone enjoys the perfect weather and has some of the top cuisines in the city.

Driving Down to Lonavla, Amby, Khandala

September is also the perfect month to take a drive out of the city. Places like Lonavla and Amby are some of the most beautiful points in Maharashtra, and they’re accessible more easily during this month. The weather is windy, the skies are clear, and the drive is easier to accomplish. Since it’s not raining as it was the month prior, the roads are also clear to drive through for travellers. There are quite a few activities, events, adventure sports, etc. in these hilly destinations for everyone to enjoy.

The Best Seafood in India

It’s the perfect month to try the local catch of the day, as the rainy season leaves the city plenty of seafood gifts. The top restaurants in Mumbai start serving up some of the most delicious seafood in the country during the month. It’s also the perfect time to try new flavours, bold cuisines and experiment with your food. There are plenty of options this time around, for travellers that visit from across the world.