Come with us on a spiritual journey through the sacred temples of Tirupati with our special Vellore to Tirupati Two-day car packages. Feel the calm of southern India and connect with Lord Venkateswara. Explore Tirupati's rich history and culture over two days. Our packages give you more time to discover compared to one-day Tirupati Package options. Find out more and book your Tirupati tour now. Extend your journey and delve deeper into Tirupati's spiritual essence with our two-day car packages with Balaji Travels now and start your meaningful journey to Tirupati, where spirituality and peace await. For bookings and inquiries, visit our website or contact us via phone at +91-9787747750 or +91-9787747751.


Visiting the temples on the first day of these packages:

  • On the first day, as you visit the temples, we arrange for breaks between each destination for lunch and relaxation. Please note that accommodation is not included in this package, and neither is breakfast nor lunch. However, we are happy to provide suggestions for nearby hotels without booking assistance.

Visiting the temples:

  1. Padmavathi Temple: Experience the serenity of this revered temple dedicated to Goddess Padmavathi, adorned with intricate architecture and surrounded by lush greenery.
  2. Iskcon Temple: Immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere of this vibrant temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, offering a blend of traditional and modern architecture.
  3. Kapila Theertham: Discover the tranquil beauty of this sacred waterfall nestled amidst picturesque surroundings. With a legend steeped in mythology, Kapila Theertham offers a serene ambiance for meditation and reflection.
  4. Return to Hotel: After visiting the temples, it's time to go back to your hotel. Relax, reflect on your day, and get ready for what comes next. Enjoy the comfort of your accommodation, knowing you've experienced Tirupati's sacred sites.

Visiting the temples on the Second day of these packages:

  1. Govindarajan Temple: Experience the peaceful aura of this revered temple dedicated to Lord Govindarajan. It's a serene spot for devotees to seek blessings and find solace.
  2. Thulabharam/Tonsure/Ear Piercing: Engage in the sacred rituals offered at the temple, symbolizing devotion and surrender. These rituals provide a spiritual experience that resonates with devotees seeking divine connection.
  3. Balaji Temple: Discover the spiritual essence of the Balaji Temple. With its tranquil atmosphere and spiritual significance, it's a place of reverence for devotees.
  4. Varahaswamy Temple: Explore the historical and architectural beauty of the Varahaswamy Temple. Nestled amidst serene surroundings, it offers a peaceful retreat for devotees seeking spiritual fulfillment.

Returning to Vellore: Reflect on the spiritual journey as you head back. Cherish the memories and experiences gained from your time exploring these sacred temples.

Customized Temple Visits:

Our packages offer visits to various temples. However, you can customize your package to include specific temples like Kanipakkam Varasiddhi Vinayagar Temple, Shri Kalahasti Temple, and Srinivasamangapuram. We tailor your itinerary based on your preferences and requests.

  1. Kanipakkam Varasiddhi Vinayagar Temple: Experience the divine blessings of Kanipakkam Varasiddhi Vinayagar Temple, where devotees seek prosperity and success.
  2. Shri Kalahasti Temple: Explore the ancient beauty of Shri Kalahasti Temple, known for its spiritual atmosphere and historical architecture.
  3. Srinivasamangapuram: Discover the peaceful charm of Srinivasamangapuram, a serene village offering a tranquil retreat for spiritual seekers.

Our Available Car Options

  1. Etios / Swift Dzire: These compact cars are perfect for 1-4 passengers, offering a comfortable and fuel-efficient ride for small groups or solo travelers.
  2. Ertiga / Innova: With seating for 4-6 passengers, our Ertiga and Innova models provide ample space and comfort, making them suitable for medium-sized groups or families.
  3. Innova Crysta: Designed for groups of 4-7 passengers, the spacious Innova Crysta offers a luxurious travel experience, ideal for longer journeys.
  4. Tempo Traveller: Accommodating larger groups of 8-12 passengers, our Tempo Traveller ensures a comfortable ride with plenty of room for passengers and luggage.

Special Darshan Needs: Our Two-Day Tirupati Packages do not include any darshan tickets. However, customers can request bookings for NRI Darshan, Infant Darshan, VIP Darshan, and Senior Citizen Darshan as per their preference. Balaji Travels facilitates bookings upon customer request to enhance your package experience, ensuring a seamless and memorable pilgrimage journey.

Balaji Travel Tirupati Tour Packages: Our Tirupati tour packages cater to various preferences and durations, suitable for solo travelers, families, and groups. Whether you prefer a quick pilgrimage with our one-day packages or a more leisurely exploration with our two-day package options, we have the right package for you. Our car rental services offer convenience, while our bus packages and Car Packages ensure a comfortable journey for larger groups.


Experience the convenience and reliability of Balaji Travels for your trip from Vellore to Tirupati. Our prices are clear, and we focus on making you happy. Book your trip now and enjoy visiting Tirupati, the spiritual city. Our Two-day tours cover the main temples, allowing you to immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere and have a fulfilling pilgrimage. Book your Two-day car package with Balaji Travels now and start your meaningful journey to Tirupati, where spirituality and peace await. For bookings and inquiries, visit our website or contact us via phone at +91-9787747750 or +91-9787747751.

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