Sri Lanka's Amazing Ulagalla Resort



There are some places so special that one feels the need to tell everyone but at the same time would like to keep it a secret so as not to have it inundated with people. Such a place is Ulagalla Resort in the heart of Sri Lanka. Ulagalla is located between the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Anuradhapura, which was once the capital of Sri Lanka; and about 20 miles north of Dambulla, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been sacred pilgrimage site for the over 2000 years.


Ulagalla is a destination unto itself and while Anuradhapura and Dambulla should be visited on the way to Ulagalla visitors should plan to stay several days at the resort enjoying the bliss and serenity that it offers. Upon arrival guests light an oil lamp then ring the set of bells taking part in a traditional Sri Lankan arrival ceremony.


Ulagalla is the only Leeds Certified property in Sri Lanka which means the preserving the natural beauty of the area is a primary objective. Guests are surrounded by untouched wilderness feeling totally at one with Mother Nature while living a luxurious lifestyle.  Each luxury villa comes with Eden-like plunge pool, a spacious living area with dining table for those intimate in-room dinners, and large four-poster bed.  And, whether you are looking for an eco-experience, a cultural quest, an idyllic honeymoon, a rejuvenating wellness program, a rural adventure or a peaceful pilgrimage to the olden shrines, you will find it at Ulagalla. This very special place is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World.