Tsum Valley trek has been regarded as one of the most beautiful treks in Nepal due to its beauty and scenery, and it is home to Tibetan-style towns and traditional Buddhist Gompas, as well as magnificent views. You can see the most famous mountains, including Sringi (7165m), Ganesh (7420m), Himalchuli (7893m), and many others. This ethnic group's territory remains unspoiled by modern civilizations and is home to people guided by their traditional rituals, religion, and way of life; as a result, this mystical valley is frequently referred to as the Manaslu Region's "hidden jewel."

Tsum Valley Trekking takes trekkers into a remote region of topographical and cultural diversity, well-known for challenging trekkers' abilities, breathtaking Himalayan panoramas, and distinct languages, a mix of Tibetan and Gurung peoples. Tsum Valley trek was unlocked for tourists to explore its beauty in 2008.

The journey to Tsum Valley begins in Baseri by following the trials to the normal Manaslu track and then to Jagat. We'll travel to Lokpa from here, then to the villages perched on the steep, terraced hilltops covered in rhododendron. After becoming acquainted with the local customs and way of life, we will finally arrive at Mu Gompa. Aside from cultural and natural splendor, the walk also reveals the diversity of plants and wildlife. We could see Blue Sheep and Himalayan Tahr on the way. Because hunting and fishing are prohibited in this ecologically sensitive sanctuary. Following that, we'll maintain our steady course. Finally, we'll take a strong stride back to Kathmandu.

The pervasiveness of Buddhism can be seen regularly in the form of prayer flags, Mani walls, monasteries, and stupas that we'll pass by on our journey. This journey exemplifies the harmonious coexistence of nature and humanity, with a dash of vibrant culture, ideals, and social behavior from a bygone era. 

As you travel through the Tsum valley, you will see ancient heritage sites such as monasteries, Gompas, Chortens, and other cultural sites. You will learn more about the lifestyle of the people who live in that region as well as lamas. Along the way, you will get to experience less crowded or off-the-beaten-path trails throughout the Manaslu region, as well as explore deep into the Tsum valley where you can witness rushing waterfalls, rivers, and several overpasses, as well as a view of various snow-capped mountains such as Poshyop glacier, Hiunchuli, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and many others.

Tsum Valley is the starting point for the Manaslu circuit and trek to Manaslu Base Camp, where you can experience breath-taking trekking with different mountains, scenery, and fewer people. It will take approximately 21 to 22 days to complete the entire trek to Tsum Valley. If you want to trek to Tsum Valley, you will need to hire a trekking guide because it is a restricted trekking route. The guide must be registered with the government because there are many places where your guide will obtain permits on your behalf.

Permit Required for Tsum Valley Trek

  • From September to November, a special permit costs USD 70 per person for a week and USD 10 per day per person after that.
  • Special permits are USD 50/per person for a week and USD 7 per day per person after that from December to August.
  • The Manaslu Conservation Area permit costs USD 30 per person.

Accommodation during Tsum Valley Trek

If you are looking for lodging in Tsum Valley, you will come across several lodges during your trek. In comparison to the Everest and Annapurna regions, the accommodation is excellent. Along with lodges, there are various homestays. Along your journey with the locals, you will be overjoyed with the food and services they provide. There will be options for lodging, but it is best if you bring your sleeping bag and other equipment.

Recommended Tsum Valley Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola (700m/2296ft) - 8 hours

Day 2: Trek from Soti Khola to Maccha Khola (930m/ 3051ft). - 6 hrs

Day 3:  Around 6hrs Trek to Jagat (1340m/4396ft) on 

Day 4: Trek to Lokpa (2240m/7349ft). - 5hrs

Day 5: Lokpa to Chumling (7827ft/2386m) - 5hrs

Day 6: Approx 6hrs Trek to Chekampar (3031m/ 9944ft) on 

Day 7: 6hrs trek from Chekampar to the Nile (3361m/11026ft) on 

Day 8: A short hike to Mu Gompa - 6hrs

Day 9: Trek from Nile to Chekampar (3031m/ 9944ft) - 5 hours

Day 10: Journey to Gumba Lundang (3200m/10498ft). - 6hrs

Day 11: A short hike to the Ganesh Himal Base Camp (3670m/12040ft). - 8hrs

Day 12: 7hrs Gumba Lundang to Lokpa (2240/ 78349ft)

Day 13: Lokpa to Jagat (1340m/4396ft) - 6hrs

Day 14: Travel to Maccha Khola (930m)

Day 15: Maccha Khola to Soti Khola (700m/2296ft) - 6ft

Day 16: Drive back to Kathmandu.

Note: It is mandatory to hire a guide to trek to Tsum Valley and solo trekking in Manaslu Region is not allowed as it is marked as a restricted area.