Going to Laos soon? Before you buy a Laos SIM card, make sure you know what to expect. Asia is a great place to buy a SIM card because it is easy. You should be able to find a cheap SIM card almost anywhere in Asia. Most internet plans are cheap, which makes everything easier.

In this guide, we'll tell you where to go in person and online to buy a SIM card in Laos. Also, we'll talk about cheap SIM cards and eSIMs if your phone can use them.

Talk about Laos's best SIM cards

Use a SIM card from Lao Telecom, Unitel, TPlus, or Airalo if you visit Laos. Still, if you plan to go to other places in Asia while there, you might want to choose a plan that covers you in other Asian countries.

How to get a Laos SIM card?

You can buy a Laos prepaid SIM card in person at some foreign airports, mobile provider stores, convenience stores, or online. Well, you can expect to pay more and get less data at the airport, so we don't suggest getting a SIM card there.

Still, SIM card shops might only be in some airports, so it's important to remember this. And if you see a store, you may have few choices. Because of this, I'd suggest getting a SIM card from the mobile provider's shop. You may need your passport to buy one, so remember.

But this means you will get the info later when you get there. So, if you want to be linked, you could use an eSIM or buy an Asia prepaid SIM card online.

How to get an online Laos Prepaid SIM card?

You can buy a Laos SIM card online or on sites like Amazon if you want it ready when you arrive. Amazon has many different plans. For instance, the Prepaid Asia-Pacific SIM Card works in over 17 countries and gives unlimited internet for 14 days. Laos is one of them.

But there are many other choices worth considering. Take a look and make sure the places you want to visit are on the list. You could also buy a cheap Asian SIM card from Simify. If you live in the US or Australia, this will work.

Which are the best mobile operators in Laos?

Lao Telecom is one of Laos's largest companies. It is a Lao business that is backed by Thai money. Laotel, also known as LTC, is the first company in Laos to offer 5G, but the coverage could be better.

LTC has good 3G and 4G service and is one of the best cell coverage in Laos. You can buy LTC Prepaid SIM cards and Mobile Top-ups in Laos at one of their offices or most shops.

As a tourist, getting a Prepaid Laos SIM card is easy. Still, you need to know a few words in the local language to activate and register the tourist SIM card Laos. This way you can add money to the account, and then start a data package.

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