Some love to follow their hearts when travelling, others love to follow their stomachs and taste buds. And if you want to have something to tell people when they ask the – otherwise, legit – question of how was the food, you should consider some of the destinations below. A worthy question that deserves a worthy answer, and the answer to “Where should I go next vacation?” is below.



Palermo, Sicily

A dream came true for food lovers, the small city of Palermo is the home of a vibrant culinary scene, with both street food kiosks and Michelin-star restaurants at the same time. The capital of Sicily is an intricate blend of old and new, herbs and spices, wine and culinary delights. Makes sure to try arancini, a deep-fried risotto course, which can be found at almost all food trucks on the street. Pani ca meusa is another intriguing local delight that will tickle your taste buds through its unique texture and spices. The meaty bread roll is a perfect entrée for your other street food courses, and if your taste buds don’t burst with joy at this course, you may want to visit some Michelin stars restaurants. Taverna del Pavone is a good restaurant with courses staring at affordable prices. You won’t even end up being bankrupt after this incursion. Also, you can always find accommodation at a traditional villa, where the host is preparing daily the menu for their guests.



Lille, France

The mesmerizing city of Lille is maybe one of the biggest touristic cities in France, a bustling university city and a dream destination for those who are searching for new culinary adventures. The rich, filling and flavourful courses that can be found here are best complemented by a glass (or bottle) of local French wine. The northern French city is an explosive combination of traditional and modern, and the food is here to illustrate this best. The rich courses, the buttery bread, the scallops and molluscs, all bathed in rivers of melted butter, seasoned with the simplest and most complementary spices and herbs. Try moules frites, an extraordinarily prepared bowl of molluscs, a spicy and flavoursome chicken casserole that you will receive if you ask for waterzooi, and pair those with the local wine. Almost all small restaurants here are family-owned, but Lille is the home of several Michelin star restaurants at the same time. La Laiterie is a good example, and you won’t be disappointed by the extensive list of wines you will find in the menu.



Bristol, UK

Many people think that Bristol is the perfect UK destination for an amazing weekend trip, due to the increased number of attractions and the scenery. But another great thing about Bristol is the food, and let us tell you, it’s amazing. With restaurants from the British and International cuisine, this city has something to offer to all your cravings. From Asian delicacies, to intricate Indian courses and traditional English breakfasts, Bristol is a city that will bring you plenty of joy. You can try out one of the bed and breakfast in Bristol city centre experiences and for a truly English feel. The experts at The Glanville Guest House recommend searching for accommodation in the city centre of Bristol because you will have easier access to all attractions and touristic hot spots, the best restaurants and entertainment centre. If vegetarian and vegan food is what tickles your fancy, then you must know that the vast majority of the English restaurants in the area are vegan-friendly and feature an extensive menu of such courses.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

When you say Argentina, you say beef, and like all meat lovers our hearts burst with joy at the thought of a slowly cooking beef steak, drowned in wine and smoked to perfection. With a tradition of cooking different meat cuts at the same time, Argentinians know for sure how to deal with all beef parts and how to achieve perfection when preparing it. The classic here, of course, is the parrillada (mixed grill of steak, sausages, and sweetbreads). 


Lisbon, Portugal

When it comes to Lisbon cuisine, think of seafood. Located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the food courses that you’ll encounter are preponderantly healthy seafood dishes, prepared with dedication by the passionate foodies here. Small and modest traditional establishments, named tascas which blend the tradition with international influences are the best food places that you can visit. With a past and history of trade and exploration, Lisbon has borrowed culinary influences from all the passers-by. The Mediterranean climate is the coordinate you should thank for the explosive tastes and herbs, the spices, the excellent wine and olive oil. Besides small family-owned traditional restaurants, you can pick from a variety of immense seafood restaurants present on the local market. Cervejaria Ramiro is one of those seafood restaurants that will leave you deeply impressed by the variety, the extensive menu, the intricate beverages and a truly amazing prego.  


Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the perfect destination if what you aim for is eating a grown-up’s weight in wursts. 12 varieties, to be more exact. While you can sit down at the table of a fancy restaurant, for a true Berlin experience we recommend trying out the street food. The jolly locals will leave you impressed and since you are in one large city, you won’t encounter the mythical communication issue. The many tastes and shades of German beer will compliment amazingly the German wursts, while the Saturday Marktplatz will let you experience local veggies, fruits, cheese, amazing cold meats and, again, wursts. Go East for an experience at Ostalgie, maybe one of the most notorious German restaurants in Eastern Berlin.

While others visit places for the scenery and attractions, food is the big motivator for so many others. If you find yourself in the last category, consider our suggestions and book yourself flight tickets and accommodation in at least one of these destinations. Language and culture are what differentiates us, but food is what brings us together, isn’t it?

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  • While it's always fun to read about food, I don't think there is a major city on the planet where a foodie could not find half-a-dozen places to rave about during a long weekend visit.

  • This is actually my favorite way to travel - follow the food! I was surprised by a few of these and will make note to self to check them out. Lille, for example. I live in France and would never have thought of Lille as a culinary city, but I'm willing to learn! Berlin has a great food reputation but I must be the only person who has managed to eat poorly on every visit there... I'd like to add Bilbao, Spain as a culinary gem. The restaurant of the Guggenheim Museum, and pretty much any authentic restaurant downtown - amazing! I desperately want to make it to San Sebastian nearby whose culinary reputation needs no making. Buenos Aires has long been on my list, and Palermo is now on it, thank you for that!

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