Top 3 weekend tour place at Purulia

Top 3-weekend tour places in Purulia, West Bengal.



You would be delighted to know that Kolkata is surrounded by numerous interesting weekend places that make you a huge break during your busy day-to-day life whether you want to encounter the impeccable sights of nature or wish to spend leisurely hours with your loved ones. Here’s your top 3 ultimate weekend getaway bucket list of Purulia from the hustle-bustle of Kolkata or any other locations nearby Kolkata, West Bengal. These top 3 trips are ideal for planning a weekend trip so plan accordingly. 

Purulia has quickly become a popular tourist destination in West Bengal. Purulia tour is a combination of abundant tradition, rustic beauty, heritage, history, and picturesque surroundings. There is warmth in the roughness of the hills in Purulia. The canals, hillocks, and ruins of temples all portray a rainbow of colors that can light up your face. Purulia tour package is one of the best weekend destinations to make the trip memorable. 



Garpanchkot is famous for its natural beauty. The lush green landscape, verdant Pahar or mountain, and dense forests make it an attractive tourist destination that provides a rustic atmosphere and good surroundings to weary city dwellers. This place called Garpanchkot can be your ultimate weekend gateway destination. The winter season mainly from November to March is the Best Time to Travel to Garpanchkot. During this season nature provides an ideal ambiance to travel to Garpanchkot and surrounding areas like Panchet, Maithan Dam, Panchet Hills, Garh, etc. So if you would like to travel Garpanchkot weekend tour, winter is the Best time to visit this place. 

Garpanchkot is not only having blissful scenic beauty, but it’s also having some famous historical sites. On the Panchet foothill are situated the ruins of the Panchkot palace and fort. It’s the historical fort bearing the evidence of the Bargi attack in Bengal which gives its name the Garpanchakot. Garpanchkot or Garh -Panchkot was a part of the Singh Deo dynasty of Panchkot located at the southern foothills and a group of temples is still standing as mute spectators of the rise and fall of the dynasty. The temples are of different architectural styles, the principal being a ‘Pancharatna’ temple accompanied by the ‘Jor-Bangla’ type and more than one ‘Pirha’ type temple made of stone.



Boranti or Baranti is a beautiful village surrounded by hills and lakes just 265 km away from Kolkata. The beautiful blue sky, deep green forest, and dark blue water of the lake will surely enchant you. The Muradi Lake in Baranti has been created by a mud dam. Baranti is surrounded by Panchkot Hill on one side and Biharinath Hill on the other. Apart from the regular visitors like rabbits, wild boars, foxes, wolves, porcupines, and deer in the nearby forests, Baranti is visited by huge numbers of migratory and resident birds. This place is ideal for those visitors who seek solace and tranquility in a gorgeous location.  So if you would like to travel Baranti weekend tour, winter is the Best time to visit this place.

Baranti is located in the northeast of Kolkata in the Purulia District of West Bengal, almost 4.30 hours journey from Kolkata. It is a tribal location that makes Baranti all the more beautiful, this place can give you the pleasure of a revitalizing trip along with a very homely feeling with all its tribal eccentricities. Situated in the heart of nature it is a perfect location to enjoy a break from the busy metropolitan life. It is one of those very few places in Bengal where one can spectacle the beauty of both mountains and lakes. On one side there is the broad magnificent mountain while the other side is embellished by the calmly floating lake. The place serves to be the home for a vast genus of flora and fauna. The place is enriched with vast alleys of greenery where variant species of trees, shrubs, bushes, and herbs grow to their glory making the place an attractive hub for tourism.

For guests who love adventure trips, Baranti tour serves to be an ideal weekend destination. There are spectacular locations like Panchkot Hill and Biharinath Hill, one can enjoy trekking the heights of these mountains and reinvigorate the energies lost in urban monotony.




Ajodhya Pahar is the highlight of Purulia tourism packages from Kolkata.  Ajodhya Hills has located about 300 km. from Kolkata and 50 km. from Purulia town. It’s a part of the Dalma Hills and is easily accessible by road. Mayur and Gorshabru hills are the two main hills here. Gorgaburu is the tallest peak of Ajodhya pahar. The Upper Dam produces a lake from which you will get the best view of the sunset. The Lower Dam is smaller than the Upper dam and snuggles between hills. It gives a sweeping view of the surrounding hills and the lake itself. Feast your eyes on the Migratory Birds in this place. You can trek around the hills, go rock climbing, do Bird watching, take a walk along the village roads or stare at mother nature. 

Ajodhya hill is famous for introductory courses in rock climbing. You can reach Ajodhya hills. There are three routes available to Jhalda, via Sirkabad and Baghmundi. Two Forest Rest Houses, one at Ajodhya hilltop and the other at Matha range office Tourists. Low-cost Other accommodation facilities are also available in Ajodhya Hilltop and Bagmundi.