Menorca, one of the Spanish sea best kept secrets packs up a whole lot of natural and architectonic beauty, activities and amenities, and many local delicacies within a soothing environment of  calm and peace that surrounds the whole island. Over the past years it has become that discreet holidays destination for those who favor relax and comfort, along with experiences that allow you to connect with the nature’s gifts, over wilder and noisier party experiences that are offered on its more famous siblings Ibiza and Majorca.

AS any other touristic destination in the world, the Belearic Islands (which are composed of 7 major islands and many other minor ones) can be quite expensive for some tourist’s budgets, however, there are many things that may make your trip to this Spanish paradise more reachable (and less painful for your bank account)

 Keeping away from huge resorts is a good way to make your trip less expensive. Even though these locations tend to be in very favored places in terms of beauty and proximity to the ocean (al of them having their own private beaches and things as such), it is well known that these are the most expensive options that there are in any touristic locations and are better suit for those who don’t mind expending extra money. A careful research about the options on accommodations around the island will allow you to check-up on all the variety that the island has to offer to your budget; from cheap hostels in the middle of a city to those well equipped villas in Menorca, the place you pick to stay will definitely be a major turning point on your budget.

Whenever you want to try out the local delicacies, keep away from the harbor and any of those restaurants. Of course, having a nice dish of seafood with a glass of local wine while looking at the sapphire colored crystal clear water sounds very nice, but that view comes with a price. Trying out smaller places that also have a very variated and delicious menu (as every place does in this island).

Looking at seasonal discounts is also the best tip that a traveler can keep in mind. Of course that summer is the best time of the year to travel to the island, but it is not necessary to restraint yourself from enjoying the island’s beauty as it has its well known ever-lasting summer climate; even during winter, this island's weather and temperature is quite welcoming for tourists from all around the world.