Before you plan to visit ny trip in Himalayas please check the general equipment for your comfort holiday as given below,


Equipment List:


Head:                                                                   Accessories:

-Sun hat                                                               -Headlamp & spare batteries

-Fleece/Wool hat (to cover ears)                         -Hand touch & spare batteries

-Sunglasses & reading glasses                           -Dry packs

-Scarf to cover face (dust/wind)                           -Open neck water bottles x2

                                                                             -Watch with light & alarm

Lower Body:                                                       -Pack no heavier than 15kg fully packed

-Under garments                                                  -Pack cover

-Hiking shorts                                                       -Day pack 33litre with waist strap

-Lightweight walking pants                                   -Money belt

-Light weight thermal leggings

-Fleece or tracksuit pants                                      Toiletries & Personal Hygiene

-Waterproof shell pants                                         -1x quick dry towel & face cloth

                                                                              -Shampoo & Conditioner (biodegradable)                   

Feet:                                                                     -Toothbrush & paste (biodegradable)

-3x thin cotton inner soaks                                    -Multipurpose wipes (face & body)

-3x thick warm wool hiking socks                          -Deodorant

-Hiking boots (with spare laces)                            -Face & Body moisturizer

-Walking sneakers                                                -Nail clippers/file

-Scandals                                                              -Small comb/brush

-Walking poles                                                      -Small mirror

                                                                              -Clothes washing soap (biodegradable)

Upper Body:                                                        -Toilet paper (you can buy more on trek)

-3x T-shirts                                                            -Anti-Bacterial wipes (4x packs)

-2x lightweight thermal tops                                  -Hand sanitizer (small bottle)

-2x Merino/Fleece long shelve tops                      -Sun block face/body high UV protection

-Waterproof shell jacket                                        -Lip block with UV protection

-Down vest/jacket*                                                -Feminine hygiene products

-Poncho rain cover                                              


Hands:                                                                  Extra Items:

-Lightweight fleece gloves                                    -Camera & extra batteries

-Heavyweight gloves                                            -Binoculars

-Or waterproof/wind fleece gloves                        -Reading books

                                                                              -Playing cards

                                                                              -Trail map & guide book

Sleeping:                                                              -Journal & pen                           

-Sleeping bag*                                                      -Photo’s of home/family

-Sleeping bag liner                                                -Energy/protein bars (optional)

-Pillow slip/case                                                    -Walkman & Steripen


Medical Kit:

-See your Doctor for compete medical kit

-including Dimox

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