The world’s foremost destination Galapagos

Everything you need to know about this Island, the Galapagos Islands are actually quite big. The archipelago is a home to a grand total of 21 major Islands, 14 of which are open to visitors. These Islands spread out over 45,000 square kilometers of Pacific Ocean and are located 906 km off the coast of Ecuador.  If you want to experience something outstanding and adventurous in this case Galapagos Islands cruises can be the best experience of your life. If you want to enjoy the nature we prefer a Galapagos cruise. The boat owner and operator with over 30 years of experience in cruise.

Choosing the best Galapagos cruise

If you want to choose the best Galapagos cruise, Galapagos cruise itinerary is best for many travelers, including us you have to experience this trip once in a life time. Without doubting one of the experience that you cannot miss and that you can do in all itineraries is snorkeling. The marine life of this Island is recognize throughout the world and is one of the most memorable experience of its visitors. You will be able to swim near sea lion, rays, sea-turtles, thousands of tropical fish, sharks and even some birds that dive up to 8 meters under water to hunt their prey.

What is the best time to year to visit these Islands?

As the seasons in the Galapagos are split into cool and dry (June-November) and warm and wet (December to June) so, the best time to visit the Island depends on what you want to see. The warmer season is the best time to go to the Galapagos Islands for diving as the sea is calmer and the underwater visibility is really good. Many of the land birds, sea lion, and tortoise that you will find on the Galapagos use February and March.

We specialize in 4, 5 and 8 days first class naturalist cruise in the Galapagos Islands designed for international visitors. Our magical cruise will take you to magic places. All the commodities are covered and exploration activities and abundant. Cruise ship include a restaurant, numerous, spacious social area, and other features. There are plenty of boats option so it might not hard to start planning your trip to the Island. This is the time of summer so don’t think too much enjoy your vacations choose your favorite cruise. The natural diversity if these Island offer wildlife you won’t see anywhere else. You can travel with your group of friends, family and special celebration we also offer personalize services for you.

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