The Ultimate Travel Guide to Australia

Australia is full of surprises, and it’s not just about a Crocodile Dundee type of lifestyle. This country will really prove to be a place of wonder, as it has so much to offer to everybody. Here are some tips and facts that will help you get the most out of your vacation time in Australia.


Flights to Australia


If you are planning a flight to Australia anytime soon, then you have to know what it takes to get here. The distances involved are enough to put anyone off and it is only natural that you want to do everything in your power to make the journey as painless as possible. This means doing your research, contacting various airlines in order to compare flight prices and more.


Australia is a beautiful country with friendly people, amazing beaches and stunning scenery. As a popular travel destination, there are many flights options to Australia. Depending on where you are flying from, you may choose one of the main international airlines or one of the smaller budget carriers. You may also find that there are cheaper flights options available with other airlines that fly to Australia via another country.


Booking a Hotel

If you're on a tight budget, you couldn't ask for a better destination to visit.


Sydney is a stunning city that never sleeps and is always full of action and adventure. Melbourne is the capital of sporty outdoors, pulsating nightlife and exquisite food. Adelaide is unlike any other city in Australia, combining an upbeat lifestyle with stunning natural beauty.

And Perth offers plenty of things to do, relaxing beaches, great weather and warm people.


Hiring a car in Australia is the best way to travel around this vast country as it allows you to access places that are out of reach if you were to travel by train or bus.


Budget hotels in Australia are quite easy to find, the only difficulty is in deciding which one is right for you. There are so many great options that getting a good deal can be a difficult choice.


Food and Drink


Australians love to eat. As a tourist, you are always guaranteed to be served delicious meals, which will be part of the fun. It doesn't matter what you eat, be it pizza, Asian food, fresh seafood, or hamburgers, Australians love food. It is often called 'gourmet in a basket'.


A great tip to remember when eating out is to always try the tasting menu. It's much cheaper than the full-priced menu and is often just as delicious. Another option is to try a different local cuisine, perhaps something from the Aboriginal culture. There are many local foods that you may be able to sample. Another option is to order something from the street food vendors. They are always cheaper than a restaurant and come with an added bonus of tasty street food.


Sydney is Australia's biggest city and has the best selection of places to eat. The harbour is dotted with food carts, the Bondi Beach boardwalk has a variety of street food vendors, the Newtown area has all kinds of ethnic food.


Things To Do


Australians love their outdoors and spend a lot of time doing sports and activities that they can enjoy. They are always willing to try something new, even if they have done it a million times before. In this way, they are unlike any other country and their cultures are reflected in their sporting events. It is the best place to get in touch with Australian nature and get some outdoor action.


There are plenty of activities for families to enjoy as well, there are a lot of family attractions to visit, including the beach, marine parks, zoos and aquariums. Some of the more popular ones are: the aquarium in Sydney, The Melbourne Aquarium, Wildlife Wonderland, Sea World and Luna Park.


For the more active, there are plenty of surfing and sailing clubs around the country that cater to those who love to surf or windsurf. The water sports on offer include surfing, scuba diving, parasailing and snorkelling. There are also a number of exciting sports events that occur each year.


Australians also love their music. Whether it is classical or jazz, the band is always great. They love to celebrate life with a dance and at a few bars around the country, there are bands playing. For a country that is known for their love of food, they sure know how to enjoy a good drink.


Melbourne is the home of Australia's best beer and there are over 1000 pubs around the country that serve it. Melbourne is also home to the best wine and food scene.



There are few places on the planet which strike the same chord of awe and wonder as the country down under. No matter who you are or where you’re from, if you’ve ever dreamed of moving to Australia, then there’s something for everyone here!


Australia is a beautiful and welcoming country. Take a trip around the country and enjoy the people and natural beauty.

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