Discover the secrets of Pinot Noir

Discover the secrets of Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a red grape varietal that derives its name from the French words for "pine" and "black". It is cultivated in various regions across the globe. But the Pinot Noir red wines produced in California are some of the best examples of California red wines. The climate in California is perfect for growing this type of grape, and the resulting wines are full-bodied and complex. Pinot noir plays an essential role in the composition of a wide array of sparkling wines, Champagne included. If you’re looking to order wine online that is truly special, you should try Pinot Noir from California.

What Is Pinot Noir, and Where Does It Come From?

You may have seen Pinot Noir red wine on a wine menu or at your local grocery store, but do you know what it is? Pinot Noir, a classic red wine, has its roots in the Burgundy region of France. In France, wine bottles are labeled with the region of origin, such as Burgundy, instead of listing the grape variety as common practice. Pinot Noir is the dominant red grape planted in Germany, where it goes by the name Spätburgunder.

Derived from the thin-skinned, cultivation of the Pinot Noir grape, is a labor of love. The struggle is certainly worth it however, as Pinot Noir wines are among the most sought-after in the world for their delicate and multi-faceted flavors and aromas.

Pinot, one of the oldest French grapes, even though it is appreciated worldwide from Germany to New Zealand, it is still largely associated with Burgundy. In the USA, Sonoma County is acknowledged as the leading source of Pinot Noir among all California counties.

Miles' Pinot Noir Speech and love from Sideways was arguably the most romantic description of a wine variety, driving up US sales by a notable 30%, as well as a subsequent hike in the price - unlike its fellow red wine, merlot.

If you’re looking for a high-quality California red wine, you’ll likely have to pay a bit more than you would for other red wines. The additional expenditure when you order wine online is well worth the unique flavor of these wines and most probably this wine will be a Pinot.

Characteristics of Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir's seductive descriptors have captivated wine lovers around the world, yet the delicate grape is grown in small amounts due to its demanding cultivation requirements. It is highly sensitive to climatic conditions, vulnerable to pests and diseases, and choosy about the land. Bunches that are too tight limit the circulation of air between the grapes, leading to an uneven ripening process. Additionally, the thin skin of this particular variety makes it ideal for cool climates. If the region is of a moderate to warm temperature, managing the canopy is of utmost importance to protect the grapes from sunburn. Furthermore, Pinot Noir is susceptible to oxidation during winemaking.

Despite its low tannin content, Pinot Noir's delicate skin makes it susceptible to oxidation, yet this is also the source of its vibrant ruby hue. Despite its low tannin, well-aged pinot noirs could be velvet and pleasant.

Pinot Noir needs a temperate climate to produce an intricate and luxurious wine with a delicate texture, which will degrade in warmer climates and demonstrate the unique features of the terroir. The iconic Burgundy Pinot Noirs are some of the priciest wines in the world, but California and Oregon have gained respect as well, not to mention the esteemed Champagne region.

Although the colors of Pinot Noir range from light strawberry to dark blueberry, they have no bearing on its quality. The flavors of this wine can be likened to that of raspberries, cherries, strawberries, mushrooms, truffles, and forest ground. Its aromas become even more distinguished with age.

With its refreshingly sharp flavor and graceful structure, this wine pairs well with a variety of meals. When seeking a companion for a veggie-based dish, Pinot Noir is a fantastic choice. It is also a perfect accompaniment for beef bourguignon, roasted chicken, and other earthy and game dishes such as roast grouse or rabbit.

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