The Most Controversial 2012 Horoscopes

Capricorn 2012 horoscope predicts a fortunate and prosperous year. All the disillusionment that you have been facing for quite a long period will now be in control. You would be able to adapt to your surrounding situations. Mood swings will also become less. You may be able to analyze most of your career plans as well as other decisions of your life. You will start taking interest in spirituality. Responsibilities and new assignments will start to increase this year in the work field. Your network and contacts will be adding value to your career. Your performance appraisal is also expected to be good. March is the best time for job change. Increments and bonus are expected. There will also be a scope of higher studies if you are willing to. Money matters will be stable. Love and other relationships are of utmost importance. Clear your misunderstandings. Don’t be pessimistic rather try to sort out things patiently. Spend maximum possible time with your partner. Vacations can be a perfect plan. This is a favorable year for your marriage.

Libra 2012 horoscope will let the Librans to be open and vibrant towards the perspective of life. Work pressure will be less accordingly reducing your tensions as well. You may have plenty of scopes to show your creative work. You will be able to spend a lot of time with your family and friends. The work culture will be under your control now. Growth may be little sluggish, somehow new projects are lining up. July and August are the most favorable months for these new deals. You can expect promotions in the middle of 2012. As regards money matters you will be an impulsive buyer. However at the same time you can save a lot as well. The bond of love will become more intense between the couples. Those who are single may opt for blind dates, long drives, dinner together etc. You can also go for a shrt weekend trip.

Pisces 2012 horoscope predicts that your life will undergo a gradual evolution of circumstances. Sometimes you may feel very boring and decide to keep yourself aloof from the rest of the world. But do not worry. This is just a phase. Some situations may force your life to take a different turn altogether. Work field will bring you a promising career this year and the results would be positive. The period from March to May is expected to involve a tremendous amount of activities in your professional life. Your performance would be judged this time, thoroughly by your seniors. So finish off the pending work and prioritize the present job list. This can bring in new achievements in your career. You are expected to receive a lump sum of money from your inherent property. Increments and promotions are likely to happen. Plan your accounts from the very beginning of the year. Love is in the air for your coming year. The year 2012 calls for a marriage for the scorpions. Try to sort out the issues with your partner which had been going on for long.

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