Tashichho Dzong – A Must See on Bhutan Tours

Bhutan, officially the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a beautiful small country in South Asia at the eastern ends of the great Himalayas. It is extremely popular among tourists because of its natural beauty, scenic landscapes, cultural features and architecturally beautiful monuments especially Buddhist temples, monasteries and Dzongs. You will see several architectural monuments including monasteries, Dzongs, fortresses, temples, chortens, gateways, etc through out the entire Bhutan. One of the One of the most prominent and popular Dzongs to see on Bhutan tours is the Tashichho Dzong – a must see and the most prominent landmark in Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan.

The Tashichho Dzong (meaning: the Fortress of the Glorious Religion) in Thimphu is a magnificent and spectacular Buddhist monastery and fortress located on the western bank of the Wang Chuu River. It has traditionally been the seat of the Druk Desi, the head of Bhutan’s civil government, and presently houses the throne room and offices of the king, the secretariat and the ministries of home affairs and finance. The imposing white washed structures of the monastery is a great feast for visitors coming from different parts of the world and it has two-storied with three storied towers at each of the four corners topped by triple-tiered golden roofs. There is also a giant central tower also called utse. On the west of this spectacular Dzong there is a small tower of Ney Khang Lhakhang which houses the magnificent statue of Shakyamuni Buddha and protective deities.

Visiting the Tashichho Dzong in Thimphu on Bhutan tours will give you a great experience of observing Bhutanese architecture.