On the west coast of the island republic of Mauritius, 1,134 kilometers (705 miles) out in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar (and about an hour from capital Port Louis), Tamarin was once a humble village devoted to fishing and salt panning, but in recent years has been transformed by tourism, especially as a surfing spot, and now has a diverse raft of lodging options, from self-catering apartments to four-star resorts. Tamarin Bay also has its own pod of dolphins, and spotting them is another favorite activity for visitors. Here are a half dozen of the top visitor draws in the area:


Le Morne Beach

On Le Morne Brabant peninsula in the southwest, this gorgeous, beach with miles of whitte sand (top) has a splendid view of Le Morne Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is great for swimming and snorkeling/diving as well as windsurfing and kitesurfing (some say it's among the best in the world for these sports).  .

Flic en Flac 

Around 10km away, this village is on a lagoon with another 
of the country's most reknowned (and popular) strands, with great swimming and fantastic snorkeling, with amazing undersea life visible in its gin-clear waters.

Shopping in Floreal

The nearby town of Floreal is fantastic for handicrafts workshops including wool, model boats, diamond cutting, and more. Plus Floreal Square is a complex with various shops (including manufacturers' outlets) and a textile museum.

C Beach Club

The first sand still best in Mauritius, this classy and elegant beach club south of Tamarin in the town of Bel Ombre is a chic beachside oasis with a fine restaurant, pool, boutiques, and chill music including DJs who spin daily, with buzzy nighttime parties that go on until 2 AM.

Flying Dodo

Mauritius' first microbrewery, founded ten years ago, crafts some 20 unpasteurized brews and offers offers, as well as a menu of tasty Mauritian and international fare. Located at the Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius, the restaurant/bar also has big screens for sports as well as live music.

Dolphin Spotting/Swimming

Tamarin Bay has its pod of dolphins, and local tour operators will take you out to get a close-up look at these graceful, playful creatures, and even swim/snorkel alongside them - a truly mesmerizing experience!


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