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Syria is one of the Arabic countries where it is located in the Middle East, Bordered on the east by the Mediterranean Sea, Syria also shares borders with the countries of Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon. More than half of Syria is covered by the Syrian Desert, which stretches into several other countries in the Middle East.

The Capital

Damascus is the capital of the Syrian Arab Republic; it is likely also the country’s largest city, following the decline in the population of Aleppo due to the battle for the town. It is colloquially known in Syria as ash-Sham and titled the City of Jasmine.

The currency of Syria Arab country

The currency of Syria is the Syrian Pound (SYP)


Syria has a hot, dry desert climate with sunny summers from June to August, and mild,
rainy winters along the coast from December to February. In addition, Damascus periodically experiences cold weather with snow or sleet.

What is the national language of Syria?

Arabic is the official language of Syria and the country’s most widely spoken language.


Syria’s population is 90% Muslim and 10% Christian. Among Muslims, 75% are Sunni and the remaining 25% is divided among other Muslim groups.

How many provinces are in Syria?

Syria is divided into 14 provinces, which are subdivided into 61 districts


What is the leading traditional food in Syria?

The traditional food of Syria mainly consists of stuffed vegetables, meat and rice dishes, and flavored desserts.

The most popular Syrian Dishes are Yabraq, Muhammara, Kibbeh Bil Sanieh · Kebab Halabi, vine leaves, Fattoush, Sujuk, and Dolma.

What are the kinds of transportation available in Syria?

Transport in Syria is possible by rail, road, air, or rivers, both public and private.
In addition, Syria is a developed Asian country with a well-developed rail network (2,052 km) and a highway system (782 km).

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