Spearfishing Tips For Beginners


Spearfishing is a wonderful recreational activity to engage, it as well provides an opportunity to take some fish home, and is cheap to do - though not allowed in some areas.

However, is quite different from other recreational activities such as hunting, hook fishing but it is fun all the way. It involves hunting for fish under water, so it can be a hard task for beginners and as well dangerous and difficult, but not anymore with the profound tips for spearfishing for beginners, which will be detailed meticulously in this article.

How to Engage in Spearfishing

Spear fishing is an underwater hunting therefore it involves the ability to swim underwater i.e. Dive, and it can be undertaken through scuba diving, free diving or snorkeling.  

At this juncture, you need to attend diving classes to gain mastery over diving, although diving is not the aim, but hunting, however, the prerequisite to hunting is your proficiency in diving even if you are proficient in swimming, but you are good to go if you are an expert in diving. You need also to get the necessary gears that will facilitate your Spearfishing, at the same time keep you safe.

Equipments necessary for Spearfishing

 Speargun is designed to fire a spear at the game, and it is of two principal types: pneumatic and band powered guns. The band powered guns are, however, advisable for beginners to start with before graduating to the pneumatic type. And of course, Spearguns are in diversity, designed to fit every game, therefore, consider the ones that fit your game of interest before purchasing. Read more here to choose best speargun for spearfishing : https://sawflow.com/best-speargun-reviews-2018/

: Importance of wetsuits cannot be overemphasized, coupled with the fact that you will be staying underwater for a long duration time, which of course, will cause increment in the cold, so the wetsuits are designed with neoprene- a stretchable rubber-like material to provide insulation against the cold.

Weight belt:
 You can as well purchase weight belt alongside the wetsuits to enable you float to depth.

 Fins will help increase your ascension.

 Essential for safety when caught by a floatline or seaweed. You can as well use the knife to kill the fish immediately, if you decide to play the Japanese Ike jime or kill spike.

 It is used to alert boat drivers of the presence of a diver in the area. It can also be used to store fish as well subdue big fish.

 A Floatline is necessary for Spearfishing, in connecting your buoy to the weight belt or Speargun.

Others include gloves, snorkel and diving masks.

In conclusion, gaining mastery over diving is the key to hunt your favorite games, as well getting accustomed with the necessary materials, especially the Spearguns as it fits your location and game. However, safety should be your number one priority when Spearfishing, also ensures you get a fishing license from your locals, and adhere to the rules and regulations that apply to every water body, so to avoid sanctions by the appropriate authorities.

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