South India Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wildlife Vacations in South India are dwelling place for more than 500 species of mammals, 1225 bird species, 1600 types of reptiles and amphibians and about 57,000 varieties of insects.

Periyar National Park, Kerala
Periyar wildlife sanctuary attracts visitors all over the world for its emerald green forest and lovely Periyar lake. It is a homeland to many wild animals such as elephant, Sambhar, Bison, Spotted deers, tigers, Leopards etc. along with more than 260 species of birds including Nilgiri wood pigeons, Parakeets etc.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
The sanctuary is surrounded by scenic lake, amazing arch dam across two hills and green emerald forests. It has a large variety of fauna including elephants, Bison, Sambhar, Deer, Tiger etc and reptiles such as Cobra, Viper and many non-poisonous snakes. Avifauna has large variety of birds like Jungle fowl, Myna, Black Bulbul, Kingfisher, woodpecker etc.

Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu
Evergreen forests and sea-shore adorn the beauty of this place. The sanctuary houses varied wildlife such as Chital, Wild boar, Bonnet macaque, Black Buck, Flamingos, Teals, Gulls, Plavers and Stilts.

Crocodile Bank, Tamil Nadu
Crocodile Bank is located 42 km from Chennai. It protects the endangered reptiles like crocodile and alligators. The major attractions are the several species of Indian and African crocodile and alligators. About 5,000 species are kept in their natural surroundings in open pools. They can be viewed from a safe distance.
Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka
Bandipur National Parks lies to the south of the Kabini river in Karnataka. The main habitats of the park are Asian elephants, tiger, giant Indian squirrel, leopard cat, sloth bear, four horned antelope and so on.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

Dandeli is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka. The sanctuary is a home of many animals like the tiger, elephant, gaur, panther, sloth bear, mouse deer, giant flying squirrel, bison and many more. It is also rich in avifauna which includes great Indian hornbill, crested serpent eagle, woodpecker, magpie robin etc.

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh
Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Adilabad district which is 250 km away from Hyderabad. This sanctuary is a great place to spot animals like the Sambar, cheetal, nilgai, barking deer, Indian bison, sloth bear and panther, along with some reptile species such as python, crocodile, cobra, star tortoise and monitor lizard. Apart from that it is a homeland to numerous bird species like partridge, quails, peacocks, eagle, kites, owls, mynahs and kingfisher.

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