Some of the Great Places of Gujrat for Tour Lovers

There aren’t many people who know about Gujarat, a western state of India. Rajasthan surrounds Gujarat in the north and Maharashtra in the south. Even if you’re a big fan of India, you might not think of it as a good place to visit.But, the country’s sixth-largest state by area has a rich culture, a lot of things to see, both natural and man-made, and some great transformed palaces and cottages where you can stay the night.

You don’t have too much trouble getting to Mahatma Gandhi’s birth state. If you’re flying in, Ahmedabad is the best place to start. . Some people say that the roads in Gujarat are the best in the country. This means that a chauffeur-driven car is the best way to see all that this underappreciated and little-known part of India has to offer.

We’ve been to Gujarat a lot and know it very well. These are the places that we think everyone should visit in Gujarat. They are great places to get off the beaten path in India and see things that other people don’t see.



You can see elephants and motorbikes and auto-rickshaws all over the place in the eastern part of the state. It’s a friendly, work-a-day city where you’re as likely to see them as you are cars and trucks. Ahmedabad is the old historic city. UNESCO named it as a World Heritage site.

There are also some great museums in the city, including the Calico Museum of Textiles, which has one of the best collections of handmade Indian fabrics in the world. Ahmedabad is a great place to start your trip around Gujarat because it has great flights from many cities in India and is one of the state’s best heritage hotels. You can explore this place with the best Gujrat Tour Packages.


People who follow Jainism go to the temples on top of Shatrunjaya Hill to pray. If you think India has a lot of temples, you’d be right. As long as you’re with other people who love the place, even the thought of climbing 3,800 steps to the top of the hill in 112 hours doesn’t seem so bad. Besides the temples, the best thing about getting there is the 360-degree view of the plains below, which is worth the trip itself. Visit this holy State with a Gujrat Family Package.


In the northwest corner of Gujarat, the Little Rann of Kutch is a land of salt marsh that looks and feels like the moon. However, during the winter, this tough terrain is home to a large number of migratory waterbirds, like pelicans, flamingos, and sandgrouse. This part of Kutch is also home to a lot of semi-nomadic tribal groups, many of whom make a small living by getting salt from the land.

A visit to one of these villages is both interesting and pleasurable. Therefore explore this interesting place with the best Gujrat Tour Packages. Many of the women in the village, both young and old, wear traditional clothes that are both beautiful and colorful, in contrast to the region’s dryness. There are flamingos, the Little Rann of Kutch, and some of the best places to visit in Gujarat.


Ran-ki-Vav (Princess’s stepwell) is one of the most beautiful buildings in the state. It is in the northern Gujarati city of Patan, on the banks of the Saraswati River. The attention to detail is amazing. A stepwell in the city of Patan called Ran-ki-Vav is on the list of the best places to visit in Gujarat. Ran-ki-Vav is a stepwell that is in the middle of the desert.


Junagadh is a walled city in the middle of Gujarat that has been around for more than 2,000 years. As part of British India, the city was one of 562 princely states or vassal states. After 1947, the city was part of Pakistan for a short time, but this didn’t last long. History lovers must visit this place with the best Gujrat Tour Packges.Today, the city is worth a visit because of its temples, palaces, and other types of architecture. There are a lot of great buildings in this city, but without a doubt,

Mahabat Maqbara is the most shocking. It was built in 1892 as a mausoleum for the late Nawab, Mahabat Khan II. It’s a mix of styles from India, Europe, and the Middle East. People say that “seeing is believing.” There is a place called the Mausoleum of the Wazir of Junagadh. The tomb of the Wazir of Junagadh


Bhuj, the administrative capital of the kutch district, is a great place to start your trip to the region’s traditional handicraft villages.They are known for their colorful embroidery, weaving, and pottery skills. People who live in these villages have won national awards for their skills. Cooperatives have been set up in many of the settlements to help the villagers make work that can be sold and exported, but without giving up their artistic customs.

In fact, it’s easy to spend a whole day or even more exploring the small villages that surround Bhuj. The villages are also a draw in and of their own right. There is always a warm welcome, usually from a small group of children who are always happy to meet and show you around their home. Its a must-visit place therefore it is added in most of the Gujrat Family Packages.

This Archaeological park-CHAMPANER-PAVAGADH.

It includes the holy volcano hill of Pavagadh and the ruins of the historical city of Champaner. It is one of three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the state of Gujarat. Humayun, the Mughal emperor, took over Champaner in the early 16th century. Ahmedabad then became the new capital of the state, and Champaner was once again the state’s capital. In Champaner, you can still see the remains of the citadel and the former palace, as well as several mosques that are no longer used. A temple in India that is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali still stands. The temple is on top of Pavagadh Hill and is still used by pilgrims.

Champaner-Pavagadh is close to the city of Baroda (Vadodara), where you can stay at the Jambughoda Palace, one of many royal palaces in the state of Gujarat that have been turned into luxurious hotels and kept as homes for the royal family.

SASAN GIR-National park in the City

There were shooting parties set up by the Indian rich and powerful for the British colonists. By the end of the 19th century, there were only about a dozen Asiatic lions left in India. There were only a very small number of lions in the Gir Forest in the southwest of Gujarat. Eventually, the area was turned into a fully protected national park, and there are now in the region of 500 Asiatic Lions, with a good number of them being cubs. Adventure Lovers must this place with a Gujrat Tour Packages.

This is the only place in the world where you can see these beautiful cats in the wild.This national park in India is home to a wide variety of birds as well as reptiles and other animals that move on four legs. The forest itself is a draw in and of itself, like many other national parks in the country. It doesn’t matter if you see lions or not when you go on a jeep safari early in the morning or late in the afternoon. It’s still a great experience, even if you don’t.


One of the best things about visiting Gondal, a small but pleasant town in the southern part of Gujarat, is that you can spend the night or two in the charming Orchard Palace, a heritage property that was built by the Maharaja of Gondal for his personal guests.

In the grounds of the palace, the maharaja’s collection of vintage cars, which includes a 1935 Mercedes seven-seat saloon and a 1947 Cadillac convertible, are on display.

The former living quarters of the naulakha palace, which is also owned by the royal family, have been turned into a museum that shows a diverse mix of personal effects and other collectibles.

People should visit Gujarat at the best time of the year.

Between september and march, the best time to visit gujurat is when the weather is pleasant and there isn’t a lot of rain.

Visit in september and october, and you’re likely to see music and dancing all over the state as part of the colorful navratri festival. The best time to see the Asiatic lions in the Sasan Gir wildlife sanctuary is from November to March.

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