• Which time safari is better for spotting tigers – morning or evening?

Ans- Spotting tigers in the national park is all dependent on luck. Knowledge about the tiger’s route is very important. The guides usually have the right and appropriate knowledge about these facts.

Also, animals stay in there caves when the sun is at peak. Therefore early morning and late evening are the best time for spotting tigers. Along with this, the morning of summers and evenings of winters are the best time to spot the wild animals.

Ans– there are 10 zones for tiger sighting. And every track takes you to the heart of the park. Whether canter or jeep, both travel on the same track in the national park. No region of the forest is bad for the sighting of animals. Also, for the zone availability, the tourist needs to book in 90 days advance to the date of the visit. Every zone is better on different days. The best zone for a particular visit can be ascertained only 2- 3 ago to the visit.

  • Is tiger sighting easy in RANTHAMBHORE NATIONAL PARK?

Ans- Ranthambhore National park is the biggest and only national park with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Also, among all the nations, this park is the only park with the largest number of tigers in the natural habitat.

However, sighting a tiger in the national park is all a matter of luck for the tourist. The tigers are considered to be shy and elusive animals. And therefore spotting them especially in their natural habitat is a matter of chance.

Usually, every visitor can sight a tiger at least once in a safari.

  • Which is a better mode for Jungle safari- jeep or Canter?

Ans– Both of the vehicles are good and appropriate for traveling in Ranthambhore National park. Whether it is jeep or canter, both take the similar track route of the safari.

The difference between both is that jeep is quite expensive but is personal. They are very noisy. While canter is affordable and less noisy.

The chance of sighting the tiger from both the vehicle is the same. Also, the jeep is ideal for 4- 6 groups of people while for that canter is a better option. Both of these vehicles are open from the top.

  • How to reach Ranthambhore National Park?

Ans- There is no direct flight or train to Ranthambhore national park. The nearest airport is Jaipur airport. Also, it is 180 km away from the national park and the tourist can take a cab or taxi to commute from the airport to the park.

The other mode which is most preferred and convenient is by rail. The Sawai Madhopur railway station which is 11 km away from the national park. It is the choicest option as it is easy to reach and also less time-consuming.

  • Which is the best time to visit the RANTHAMBHORE national park?

Ans– The RANTHAMBHORE national park is open for public visits from the 1st of Oct to the 30th of June every year. It remains closed during the monsoon season because this time is considered to be an ideal mating time for the tigers.

The tigers are less seen during extremely hot weather and therefore, November to April is an ideal time for visiting this place. A pleasant atmosphere ensures a hassle-free journey.

For a bird lover, November to February is considered to be the best time for visiting this place. The place is occupied with the beautiful migratory place.

The summer remains very hot for stepping out there but sighting tiger during this time is relatively high.

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