Skip Your Way to a Fabulous L.A. Getaway

Five easy things to lose in order to maximize your vacation

Who can resist the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles?  The City of Angels is a regular destination stop for weekend warriors, family vacationers, business professionals, and adventure seekers alike.  With all the sunshine, incredible shopping, sightseeing, and tourist spots, why wouldn’t you want to take an escape into one of America’s premiere cities?

But L.A. is more than just eating out at fancy restaurants, clubbing, high scale shopping, and selfies with the Hollywood sign in the background.  To really make the most of your stay in L.A., you need to eat, sleep, and breathe like a local.  Here are five ways to make the most of your time and guarantee yourself a trip for the ages.


Skip the Hotel

You are in the land of glamour and you should be living it.  Never mind the boring, cookie cutter, and frankly far over priced hotels.  So many people treat their living quarters on vacation as nothing more than a place to sleep at night, and those people are wasting their time, money, and experiences on such a critical component of your trip.  Create a home on the road by renting a luxury vacation home in LA instead of a boring hotel.  For a comparable price, you’re no longer just sleeping in for walls for the night, you’re enhancing every aspect of your vacation.


Skip the Car

Not sure if you’ve heard this – but traffic is a bit of a nightmare.  With so many people living in L.A., the congestion is absurd.  Do your research and find a neighborhood with a high walkability score and for the times that you need to get out, grab an Uber, Lyft, towncar, or cab.  Local drivers will know how to get you around quickly, with less frustration, and for less than renting a car.

Skip Eating Out (All the Time)

If you take our advice and find a luxury vacation home to reside in during your stay, you will have a fully stocked kitchen.  California boasts some of the freshest and healthiest food in the world – take advantage of that!  Go to a local market and make a fresh meal daily.  Not only will you save a lot of money, but you’ll eat better and avoid the standard 5-10 pounds of vacation weight that we all seem to add.

Skip the Star Maps

Trust us.  You’ll be tempted, but just don’t do it.  Seriously.  Don’t.  Want to know where to find the hottest celebrities?  Look around for the paparazzi.  Still not sure where to go?  Pro Tip:  Ask your local barista when stopping in for some coffee or your bartender during your evening cocktails.

Skip the Boardwalk

Looking for the best beach experience, fun rides, and carnival atmosphere?  You might be thinking you have to cruise the pier in Santa Monica.  You know who else thinks that?  Everyone.  Skip the Santa Monica Pier and find your way to Venice Beach.  Rides, fewer people, and a far more chill environment.  Venice Beach not in your neighborhood?  Again, ask your bartender or barista.  Or, if you’re feeling very saucy and seeking out the lush life, hire a personal assistance for your vacation to build you the itinerary of your dreams and just make the magic happen for you.

Now get out there!  Get fabulous and live like a star, no matter how long you stay.

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