Sistema Sagitario - Mexico Cave Diving


Cave diving in Mexico is a wonderful experience combining underwater diving with the exploration of cave systems that date back eons. In Sistema Sagitario evidence can still be seen of human remains and previous rock movements that tell a story of who lived here before the caves were flooded.

A recent ceremony was held to ensure that local guides were aware of the work that the archaeologists and explorers are doing in order for them not to disturb the closed parts of the dive sites that are currently being mapped and studied. Guides were also told of where the entrance sites would be positioned, and the cost of the Mexico cave dive tours.

Entrance fees will be paid at the Zero Gravity facility in Puerto Aventuras, and the key to the cenote recorded. It will only be given to certified cave divers who assist with a local guide.


The cartography of the caves has been made by Fred Devos, and his wife Angelica Chimal, who were present at the ceremony, alongside many local guides and cave instructors including Wiliam Ortega from Cenote Pro, Ana Covarrubias from the Playa Diving Centre, Erik Rosenstein from Beyond Diving, and Alberto Salvini from Pluto Diving.

The history of the caves is fascinating, and the exploration and planning have been undertaken by many expert divers, who have retrieved vital data for the maps to be made. Dozens of photographs have been published to show the beautiful caves with immense passages and an average depth of 10 metres.


Lately, new caves have been opened for the benefit of divers wanting to take part in Mexico caves diving. If you’re interested in diving here all you have to do is get in touch with an advanced diver in Mexico who’ll be able to advise you on the range of cave diving courses available for you to be able to learn and earn the cave diver training certificate.

Courses include the provision of tanks and cylinders, transportation to the dive sites and a dive instructor with 15 years of teaching experience. Get a one-man facility for cavern and cave diving today!

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