Silk Route Tour - The Gem of East Sikkim

A famous trading route that dates back to the First Century AD when there was less turmoil between India and China and more friendship leading to exchange of goods like Silk, animals, and tea through the Silk Route, which in today’s date is an awesome place to visit on a Silk Route Tour Package. This old route has gained good popularity in recent past and with the newly developing little hamlets in and around Silk Route ranks this place as a prominent tourist destination which is perfect to go anytime on a Silk Route Tour upon arrival at Bagdogra or NJP. An idea to plan for a Silk Route Trip during a short or a long holiday is sure to pass on to its tourists a refreshing vibe and there to rejuvenate the fatigued soul with the beginning of the Silk Route Tour.


Our Silk Route Tour Itinerary in Short

  • Day 1 – Bagdogra Airport to Aritar transfer
  • Day 2 – Aritar to Zuluk transfer
  • Day 3 – Zuluk to Gnathang transfer
  • Day 4 – Gnathang to Reshikhola transfer
  • Day 5 – Bagdogra Drop



When to book a Silk Route Tour Package?

The best season to witness the beauty of the Silk Route is from April to June and October to December, when the weather remains favorable, and possess a soothing temperature making it perfect to go on a Silk Route Tour, but before landing at this sector, make sure to book your hotels and car in advance to avoid the rush amidst the peak season. Winter and monsoon are generally harsh to go on a Silk Route Tour so plan within the mentioned months to get the best flavor.



Things to carry on a Silk Route Tour

The below-listed items what you can carry while on a Silk Route Tour

  • Original Voter ID or Passport with 4 photocopies of the same and 2 Passport sized studio photos for each individual including child along with their birth certificate for below 18 years but NO AADHAR CARD.
  • Suns cream
  • Shades
  • Mosquito and insect repellent
  • Power banks
  • Confectioneries
  • Medicines both general and prescribed along with basic medical supplies
  • Portable oxygen cylinder for Gnathang
  • Light and heavy woolens for Zuluk and Gnathang depending on the month of visit
  • Moisturizers
  • Carry cash
  • Toiletries
  • Mineral water from Siliguri or purifying tablets


Some must visit destination in Silk Route Package Tour from Kolkata


Famed for its natural beauty, Aritar is situated under the Rongli subdivision of East Sikkim and is a popular destination for visitors willing to see the purifying lush green forest, pristine lakes, and imposing peaks of the snowy Himalayas. This nature lover paradise is beautifully set in the mid of Mt. Kanchenjunga on all sides, which resembles the perfect photo op destination on a Silk Route Tour to get captured within the lenses. Tourists visiting this area on a Silk Route Tour can merge some adventure activities like hiking, paragliding, camping, and rock climbing to get a thrilling experience while visiting this part of Sikkim. On a Silk Route Tour, a visit to Aritar not only calms the eyes, but also gives a chance to explore the nearby sightseeing places like Lampokhri Lake, Aritar Monastery, Mankhim Top, and Aritar Dakbunglow. 



With a beautiful morning in Aritar, the next destination was Zuluk which is nearly a 2 hours drive through the winding road. Only a few kilometers away from China, this beautiful village is set in the lap of the green valleys with very few villagers ready to host and welcome the guest to their homes. To see more of this enchanting beauty while on a Silk Route Tour, one must visit the Kupup Lake or Elephant Lake which is a high altitude lake shaped like an elephant and is a tourist hot spot apart from Thambi view point, a great place to watch the sunrise over Mt. Kanchenjunga. Combining Zuluk visit with a Silk Route Tour Package is always a good idea if someone wishes to see the best of nature and the curvy road which takes to Zuluk and has more than 100 sharp hair bin bends, enough to give dizziness and goosebumps while taking this route. This Zigzag route is the prime attraction of a Silk Route Tour and on the way to Zuluk do to stop at the Thambi viewpoint to capture the best glimpse of Mt. Kanchenjunga and the road on a single frame.




Nestled at an altitude of 13,500 ft, Gnathang is one of the finest valleys one can see on a Silk Route Tour. The beauty of this valley changes color with every season, and become golden in autumn, white in winter, and get covered under blankets of colors in monsoon. Both Zuluk and Gnathang require an Inner Line Permit to visit and this is done at Rongli check post with individual Valid ID Card so while planning for a Silk Route Tour Package keep these things on top priority. Well at Gnathang also there is no such top category hotels in these underdeveloped places but the warm welcome and good hospitality which the local's showers to the tourist are remarkable and well appreciated. To sit in the balcony and watch the picturesque Gnathang valley, decorated with fluttering prayer flags and lush greenery while chomping on some hot momo’s is worth each buck spent, and to all the Silk Route Tour planners do visit Gnathang to see the wonder of nature. This highest point on a Silk Route Tour is still now free from unwanted crowds and its virgin nature is what it entertains the tourist along with its view of the majestic Mt. Kanchenjunga which dazzles with the falling rays of the sun and moon. The cold evening in Gnathang is best enjoyed with barbeques while sitting near the campfire round the year, as the mercury dip with the sunset, leads to a colder atmosphere. 




From the beauty of the ravishing mountains, the next halt was at Reshikhola located near the Reshi River. The refreshing aura at Reshikhola was the next best thing to experience on a Silk Route Tour Package. This place has a quite good resort and homestays but with limited facilities which serve nice hot homemade meals made from organic veggies. At Reshikhola there is not much to do except for bird watching in the surrounding forest, visiting the nearby Reshi River and sitting on its bank while gazing at the crystalline water and dipping the feet, or taking a bath in the cold water. The resorts and homestays offer barbeque facilities near the river and live counters are set to make the evening, but it is best to experience during the winters on a Silk Route Tour, as this place is quite warm compared to Zuluk and Gnathang. Far from the madding crowd, Reshikhola, on a Silk Route Tour never fails to depict its natural Himalayan beauty in its purest form with the mystic sound of the pristine Reshi River.

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