Silk Road Treasure Tours, the premier American tour operator with founding roots in Central Asia, announces its new luxury tour offerings


Says Zulya Rajabova, Uzbekistan native, and President of Silk Road Treasure Tours, “I designed these travel itineraries to specifically offer the richest cultural experiences combined with the most comfortable accommodations, most modern and convenient luxury transportation, and superior, personal service.” 


These new luxury Central Asia tours include: a 14-day Central Asia luxury itinerary, featuring Ashgabad, Turkmenistan; Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, Uzbekistan; Bishkek, Burana Tower, and Issyk Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan; and Almaty, Kazakhstan (from $470 per day, open departures); a 10-day luxury travel experience in Uzbekistan, featuring Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva in-depth (from $530 per day, open departures);


and a 10-day luxury culinary immersion in Uzbekistan, visiting the same fascinating Uzbek cities, but highlighting indulgent gastronomical experiences at bazaars, bakeries, gourmet shops, restaurants, farms, wineries, local homes, private estates, and caravan-serais, with hands-on activities and behind-the-scenes access (from $532 per day, open departures).  


In the Caucasus, Silk Road Treasure Tours offers a five-day luxury Georgia tour including: Tbilisi, Sighnaghi, Velistsikhe, Kisiskhevi, Tsinandali, Gombori, Kazbegi, and Mtskheta (the black sand desert).  Historians lead travelers to explore and contrast ancient and contemporary churches, synagogues and mosques (some are UNESCO sites), so that they feel the vibrancy of melding cultures.  Guests bathe in ancient hot springs; sip wine made according to centuries’ old methods on an estate set amongst terraced vineyards; eat lunch while gazing out at Mount Kazbegi, the mythical home of Prometheus; and learn the time-honored art of Georgian enamel making at a historic cloisonné studio (from $498 per day, open departures). 


In Central Asia, Silk Road Treasure Tours offers luxury in culture, adventure, and cuisine. Whether in a vibrant capial city of Ashgabad, behind sun-warmed adobe walls, in a village nestled in a lush valley, or in a nomadic Kyrgyz  yurt under a sky of blazing stars ornext to a giant, glowing desert crater, guests are presented with both the highest comfort and most authentic experience. They explore palaces, madrassah, fortresses, and caravanserais from by-gone eras.  They witness classic Soviet architecture amidst soaring minarets, brilliant blue cupolas, lace-like ornamentation and the azure and olive glazed ceramics of medieval mausoleums and mosques.


They excite themselves in Central Asia’s bustling bazaars - still as busy now as they were hundreds of years ago, where anything is available and everything is on display. 


They ride horse-back around an endorheic alpine lake


or lumber on a Bactrian camel over rolling dunes. They are tempted by the aroma of fresh bread from clay tandur ovens, and the robust smell of Silk Road spices redolent from faraway lands. 


On all these tours, special amenities and luxury arrangements include: first-class train cars on the high speed railway, luxury automobiles, fine food and wine with tailored menus, exclusive access to closed venues, butler service, and VIP treatment throughout. Furthermore travels stay in Silk Road Treasure Tours’ exclusive collection of international luxury branded hotels and local boutique hotels. International hotels include: Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Inter-Continental, and Serena properties. Boutique hotels include: Minzifa,  Sasha and Son, and Komil hotels in Bukhara;  Shakhrezade Hotel in Khiva; and the Diyora and the Grand Samarkand Superior in Samarkand. In addition, Silk Road Treasure Tours is now also using two new boutique Bibikhanum properties in Samarkand and Bukhara respectively. The Bukhara property, just opened in November 2014, is adjacent to the 17th Century historic Labi Khouse Chaikhana complex. 


All these luxury trips are priced land only, based on double occupancy for 4 to 10 travelers, and all itineraries can be customized. 

For more information on Silk Road Treasure  visit: For specific questions or call directly at: 888-745-7670 or 908-347-4280.


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