Important Tips for Renting a Sailboat or Yacht

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If you want to give your holiday with family and friends an especially fun and unique dimension, then choosing a private sailboat or motorized yacht is an excellent option, both for the experience in itself and the flexibility it gives you. Many of these boat charters are based on various European coasts (especially in southern Europe), while others can be found in the Caribbean, elsewhere in the Americas, and at other locations across the world, at rates ranging from $400 to more than $6,000 per day.

Below are several of the main tips which you need to follow to rent a sailboat or a motorized yacht:

Type of Charters

Boat charters are divided into two main categories, crewed and "bareboat" (where you do the sailing yourself), depending on your wants, needs, and budget.

Crewed is of course more expensive but more worry-free, providing the service, expertise (and of course various manual tasks) of a captain, deckhands, chef, and other optional figures such as scuba-dive experts.

A bareboat charter works as a charter where few individuals will hire the boat and perform all the basic duties to ensure the successful trip. You should list down all those companies who are known to provide best services of charter in market. If you are inexperienced, then majority of the companies will train you in some basic seamanship.

Size/Age of Your Boat

If you're limited in budget, then it's obvious you wouldn't be able to rent a larger charter - 100 to 300 feet, let's say - but rather more like 36 to 40. Plus you should also be aware of the boat's age and its pedigree, because new boats will offer you a greater security and reliability.

Your Destination(s)

Where you're planning to sail on your private yacht charter is to know about your destination(s), which will help inform your decision about which type and size of charter you should choose and how you will facilitate your trip goals. Some renters can easily spend around $20,000 per person per week on luxury charters, but most restrict their budget to around $1,000 a week.

For a safe and enjoyable cruise, you should ask for proper recommendations and list all those companies who are known to provide best services of charter in market. Compare their prices and services and pick the one which suits your requirements first. Your ultimate goal should be to have a hassle-free and convenient trip for your family - which is possible through an optimal charter selection.

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