6 Tips for Safe Boating/Sailing

6 Tips for Safe Boating/Sailing


If you're looking to rent and "bareboat" sail your own yacht, large sailboat, or other water craft of significant size, first of all, please remember that charter companies will require you to present an appropriate certificate or licence as well as in many cases a sailing CV providing proof of sufficient experience before thy allow you to take charge of their expensive property. Assuming you have satisfied these requirement, also please remember - whether you're renting in our home territory Dubai or anywhere else in the world - please remember, safety first!  And so are a half dozen key things to keep in mind:

Get Acquainted with Your Vessel

Before you set sail, make sure you get to know it as well as possible - not just its facilities and amenities, but also its access points, emergency exits, storage areas, and ventilation points.

Check Your Safety Equipment

As a part of getting to know your vessel, familiarise yourself particularly with its safety systems and gear including lights; safety jackets; radio; navigation system; fuel and water tanks; and storage of additional fuel, if any.

Check Weather Updates Before Departure/Whilst Underway

Weather plays absolutely crucial role in making your journey safe, so you need to ensure that conditions are favourable before leaving port (and if they're not, obviously postphone your trip). It's also essential to constantly monitor the weather whilst out on the water, and the moment things start to look dicey, be prepared to return to port as soon as possible.

Follow the Rules of Navigation

If you have the nautical experience and certification necessary to rent a water craft of this sort, you're also likely familiar with the general norms of boating safety. But you should also make an effort to look into the rules of the waterways in the locale(s) in which you'll be sailing to take into account any local peculiarities you should be aware of.

Keep Someone Informed

Be sure to share details about your route; names of your crew and passengers; and other salient information with someone onshore, just in case you run into problems.

Don't Overdo the Alcohol 

A litte imbibing is fine, but as someone who is responsible for the vessel and its passengers, you need to keep a clear head as well as good judgment and reflexes.

With a little planning and care, you can have a wonderful time boating anywhere in the world! And if your travels should bring you to the United Arab Emirates, come see us to
rent a yacht in Dubai. Happy sailing!