The Maldives is one of the most beautiful and attractive scenic locations on the world. It is a place which we usually see in our dreams. People love escaping to this fabulous destination and spend quality time with their loved ones. The memories of their visit to this exotic island will remain in the memories for a long time. It is one of those places that can easily live up to our expectations of immense wonder and beauty. When planning to visit this island country on a romantic trip, seek help of a Maldives travel agent who can help you with a perfect program and itinerary that help you make the most of this destination.

What to expect in the Maldives?

If you have just seen the pictures of this magnificent island and are visiting it for the first time, you need not worry. This place is as stunning as it looks in the pictures. Every frame is worth capturing and saving to relive those special moments again and again. When visiting this awe-inspiring destination, be ready to soak in beautiful sights like transparent blue lagoons, bright sun, house reefs with shoals of fish, white sandy beaches, blue skies and azure blue waters stretching out to miles and miles long distance.

There are several surprises that you may not be familiar with. This South Asian Island Nation is made up of approximately 1000 small islands that are spread across the ocean like small green dots on vibrant blue background. There are 1, 190 islands that are sprinkled over turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean. It is located in deep south to Sri Lanka and India. Some of the islands in the Maldives are very small and some are uninhabited till date. Some islands have just a resort or hotel on them.

Reaching the Maldives is not challenging at all. After reaching Male the capital city of this island country, people can either take a plane or a boat to the island where they have booked their resort. There are 25 atolls of island collections in the Maldives but only 200 islands are inhabited out of so many islands. There are fishing and farming villages that attracts tourists who wish to find out more about the way of life led by permanent population residing here. There are several one day islands peppered across the Indian Ocean where people can visit for a day enjoying a picnic or a romantic dinner and coming back to the main island where they are staying.

It is interesting to note that some islands in the Maldives are man-made, like for example, Huhulmale. This island is located close to the Male Airport and is an artificial or reclaimed island. It came into existence by dumping loads of concrete and sand to make a foundation in the year 2004. Today, it is a bustling town with a beautiful coastline, housing and paved roads.

Seek help from the Maldives Specialists and plan an exciting holiday plan to this magnificent place today!