Museums of Porto, Portugal


Visitors to Porto often complain about the relative scarcity of information in English about the city and its more than 25 museums. Here's a sampling about eight top museums; additional information can be seen at the blog

School of Engineering Museum, Porto: This school was established in 1852 during the time of King Pedro V of Portugal. Before it was a school of industry, later transformed in to “Instituto Industrial do Porto” in 1864. But the Museum was set up only in 1999 by the Portuguese government. The Museum is a good collection of industrial areas such as: geometry, technical drawing, civil engineering, hydraulics, chemistry, physics etc., The Museum is situated at Rua do Dr. António Bernardino de Almeida. It is possible to gather information in various languages such as Portuguese, Spanish and English. The Museum is also accessible for people with physical disability.

Military Museum of Porto: The Museum preserves the Military history of Portugal. The Museum was set up in 1974, but was only inaugurated in 1980. The collection inside the Museum is divided into two in accord to the historical relevance. The main attraction of the museum is the collection of miniature figures. Other interesting things to see in this museum are: Cannons, combat vehicles from the 15th and 20th century and the memories 1891 January 31 revolution. Porto Military Museum is situated at Rua do Heroísmo. 50% discount on Municipality tourism promotional card. One of the referable Porto Portugal attractions.

Arcaeological site at no.5_Rua D. Hugo: A Gothic style house rebuilt as an archaeological site. The ruins are from the third and forth century. An interesting site to visit to know more about Roman and Dark ages in Europe. Admission is free, but need to book early at Guerra Junqueiro House and Museum. Contact details can be obtained from official Porto Municipality tourism website. One of the referable Porto Portugal attractions.

Bank of Materials Museum: This museum is a good collection of old civil construction materials and tiles. The museum is established inside the palace named Viscount of Balsemão. No fees is required and can see a good collection of iron, plaster tiles and so on. The museum is situated in Praça de Carlos Alberto.

António Carneiro House and Workshop Museum: António Carneiro was one of the famous painter from Portugal. His house and workshop later turned into a museum. One can see all his work that were done in oil, pencil drawings and chalk. The museum is situated at Rua de António Carneiro. Free admission is assured. One of the referable Porto Portugal attractions.

Treasure of the Cathedral Museum: The (city's cathedral, top) was built in the 12th century upon a granite rock, and its Museum contains 9 big showcases of jewelery and four special vaulted rooms. Liturgical books, and vestments are some other interesting things to visit. 35% discount with Porto Municipality tourism card. The Museum is situated at Tesouro da Sé.

Numismatics Room: Numismatics room in Porto holds one of the largest collection of Numismatics in Portugal. One can see a collection of Portuguese, Arab, Hispanic, Roman, and Greek coins. The building itself is beautiful with courtyards and special gardens. One of the referable Porto Portugal attractions. The museum is situated in Praça de Carlos Alberto. Admission is free and special facilities for people with disability.

Engineer António de Almeida Foundation: Private collection of Engineer António de Almeida transformed to a museum. One can see coins, clocks, painting, porcelains, textiles, jewelery and so on. They conduct special painting exhibition in regular intervals. Situated in Rua do Tenente Valadim. Special discount on Porto Municipality tourism card.


photo: isabelleguyot

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