Philly Cheese Steak Is No Mistake

The line on South Street wrapped around the corner. Once inside the chrome facade it continued to snake around in Disney-ride fashion. Each person mumbling to themselves as they tried to memorize their order. The line moved along one timid customer at a time. Each one blurting out their selection, as if on the soup-nazi episode of Seinfeld. “One, provolone, mushroom with" (The 'with' referring to onions). 

The line bumped forward. This placed reeked with the essence of grilled beef.  Jim's Steakhouse serves only top-round, sliced razor thin and assembled to order.  A high calorie feast that is just music for the eyes as the cook, echoes the orders and deftly chops, scoops, builds, and finishes your authentic Philly Cheese Steak with the flourish of magician.


One more thing that is my favorite here are the fried hot peppers, dried serranos, I think. But they are fried to a
blackened crispiness and available as you pay at the register. A little salt and they are the spicy top-note for this satisfying meal.


The décor is simple- crowded and greezy.  The walls are adorned with decades of autographed promo shots of the celebrities that had frequented the joint.  If you’re staying, you make your way up a narrow staircase, past the kitchen and pine-paneled walls.  You may have to wait a few moments to score a table, but everyone eats and moves on.  The seats open up quickly.

This place rocks and it is worth the wait in line for the atmosphere, showmanship, and most of all the taste.  There were other choices...Ishkabibbels's or Steaks-On -South, both just steps away. Some patrons, tired of waiting, left
the queue. 


But they don't know what they missed.   The best Philly Cheese Steak in Philly.



Contributed by Jim DeLillo

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