The Naked Traveler: Nude HolidaysJaws dropped (and pants too) a couple of years ago when German Travel agency said it would start taking bookings for a nudist day trip from an eastern German town to a popular Baltic Sea resort.Apparently the 55 passengers will remain clothed until they board, undress during the flight, then dress before disembarking.The crew remains clothed throughout the flight for, well obvious reasons, I guessDon’t laugh!Nude Travel or “clothes-free vacations” is big business.

The American Association for Nude Recreation’ s 60,000 members spend more than 400 million bucks on nude travel, and there are 270 clubs and resorts in the United States, Canada, Mexico offering all kinds of “Nakations.”But who does this kind of thing, and what do you do on a nude holiday?Erich Schuttauf, a spokesperson for the association, say that they draw folks from all walks of life: “ We have doctors, lawyers, people who drive busses and everything in between….but you can’t know the difference when you’re all nude.`And what do people do on a Nude or Clothes-optional holiday?We assume they don’t horse back ride, but Schuttauf says they sail, swim, build sand castles. “Whatever people do on their vacations, we do too.”Of course first-timers inevitably feel awkward, but one nude vacationer wrote us saying, “ Everyone was nude and comfortable, so it was not hard to join in. We brought our snacks to share, our towel, the people were friendly…and the water felt good without a suit on.”Nude travelers tell us that when they take off their clothes, they put on a smile.And we assume, insect repellant