New York City's Street Fare


Give the best ingredients to Yassir Raouli, founder of the Bistro Truck, and he’ll create a masterpiece . . . or, as was9008652666?profile=original the case early in August, five of them.

Raouli left its usual spot in the city one summer afternoon for an uptown corner in New York City to serve his creations to foodies, who thrive on street fare.  “This is what I do. This is my art,” said Moroccan-born Raouli, who swapped his usual Moroccan-Mediterranean menu and used Jennie-O all natural turkey burgers to develop five recipes.

“When people taste a turkey burger for the first time, they are surprised by the wonderful flavor,” he admitted, adding, “when you combine the terrific turkey taste with bistro-restaurant ingredients, the results are burgers that are irresistibly good.”

That’s not always so:  Many ordered from fast-food restaurants taste like hockey pucks between bread.  Still, Raouli took his inspiration from his experiences living in New York, and created five types of burgers that were juicy and imaginative and were as uniquely diverse as the city.

Reminiscent of Little Italy -- the aptly named Mulberry Street Turkey Burger -- dribbled marinara sauce, which had been topped with Parmesan cheese.  Portobello and oyster mushrooms lent a smoky flavor to the cheddar cheese and avocado that made up the Flatiron Turkey Burger, while the mélange of oregano, cumin, chili powder, onions and melted cheddar cheese went into a Brooklyn-style Turkey Burger.

As though the flavors of blackened poblano peppers and charred scallions weren’t zesty enough, the Bronx Turkey Burger came topped with spicy mayo and creamy cheese sauce.  The arty East Village Turkey Burger was served with thin slices of cucumber, bean sprouts and brie.  

Raouli has incorporated one or more of these substantial eats into his menu, and will serve them occasionally as a special of the day.  Using only market-fresh fish, organic chicken, grass-fed beef and lamb, the Bistro Truck team whips up affordable exotic dishes such as Lamb Marrakech, Dijon Chicken, Merguez (homemade lamb sausage), salads, and, of course, Burgers.  For his locations and more information, visit