My tour of Italy

Last summer I decided to do a tour of Italy as there were a number of cities I wanted to visit and I had never stepped foot on Italian soil before. I organized the trip well and booked a one-way flight to Milan where I would start the tour. I planned on finishing in Rome. After landing in Milan I took a bus to the city center and checked into my hostel. I was very impressed by the city, its monuments and its shops. However, I was quite surprised at how unorganized and dirty Italy is in general.

From Milan I traveled to Venice a city which I fell in love with at first sight. Here I was yet again struck by the dirty buildings and unfriendly Italians. However, the city and its classic tourist attractions make up for this. From Venice I took a bus to Sottomarina, a beach town about one hour from the city. It was really nice to spend a few days on the beach and I found eating out and accommodation much cheaper there than in Venice.

I returned to Venice train station where I queued for ages to buy train tickets to Florence my next destination. I traveled around the country in trains and having had the chance to do this in other European countries, I have come to the conclusion that it is also rather expensive to use public transport in Italy.

I arrived in Florence early in the morning and decided to leave my rucksack in a locker at the train station. It cost me around €8 which was double what I had paid in other cities in Europe. This is something else to watch out for. They say that Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and this is very true and if you love history, art and culture – this is the city for you. From Florence I made my way to Rome, my last destination. Rome is everything I was hoping for and more. In Rome I booked low cost flights to London were I would stay for a few days before returning to the USA. I probably should have booked them before travelling, but I was unsure of how long the trip would take me. I would probably have got cheaper flights if I had estimated my departure date. As I said on my travel diary, you live and learn.

My tour of Italy was a wonderful experience and the country really is home to some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Yes, Italians are sometimes unfriendly and everything may seem unorganized……but some people say that this is part of its charm. Don't forget to download the last minute travelers guide to findout how to take advantage of the best vacation offers.

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