Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

What a wonderfully fruitful Tanzania adventure travel! Have you ever taken part in an expedition of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with Adventure Panorama Tours? It is like participating in an Africa travel championship ceremony, where every second is a holiday party time. The valuable adventurous experience you get after conquering the highest peak of Africa at an altitude of 5896m is the same as gratitude given to you in appreciation by Mt. Kilimanjaro for taking your time to trek over it. This great Africa mountain lures several thousand trekkers each year, and even its panoramic view from Amboseli national park in Kenya is a great experience.

For you to be able to hike Mount Kilimanjaro to the highest point, you don't need a special mountain climbing experience, only good physical condition along with a well developed sense of humor and your climbing gear is recommended. Infact its easier trekking Mount Kilimanjaro than Climbing Mount Kenya. This is because Mount Kilimanjaro has a wider base and this means that its slopes are less slanted as compared to Mount Kenya. Your full participation and cooperation during this trek contributes hugely to our consistency in maintaining quality services and hence your excellence in conquering the mountain every year. Depending on the route you are interested in, or the number of days you want to take for your holidays, we limit our climb to a group of 7.

Many first time climbers tried and made it! So, don't hesitate to contact us to assist you get a discounted group rate for Mount Kilimanjaro climbing. You will get a detailed itinerary and quote from our sales team as soon as possible. Kindly take a look at our recommended trekking itineraries shown below:-

5 Days Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing via Marangu route.

This is one of the most preferred and scenic route up  Kilimanjaro, and known as the "Coca-Cola route". Marangu route is the most popular route to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.  It is the cheapest  route, and it can be climbed within less days, thereby getting to the summit one day earlier than on the Machame route. This provides a shorter acclimatisation period.

6 Days Mount Kilimanjaro climbing via Marangu route from Nairobi, Kenya

A climber can as well spend an extra day on the mountain for acclimatization on Marangu route. This extends the route to a 6-day march, greatly increasing your chances of mount Kilimanjaro climbing success. Hut accommodation on the Marangu route forms one of the main differences, compared to the other Mount Kilimanjaro routes. It offers you the relative luxury of being able to sleep in huts along the entire Marangu route.

6 Days Mount Kilimanjaro hikking via Machame route

Mount Kilimanjaro Machame route is probably the most beautiful route up mount Kilimanjaro. The porter will carry your mountain climbing equipment and supplies and a cook prepares all your meals. Accommodation on Mount kilimanjaro Marangu route is in huts, while the Machame route offers tents only. This makes Machame, also referred to as the "Whiskey route", best destination for more mountain adventure for a mountain hiker, and offers more scenic splendor as compared to Mount Kilimanjaro Marangu route.

7 Days Mount Kilimanjaro hiking via Machame route from Nairobi

Total hiking distance: Approximately 100 kms Marangu is the most beautiful and most frequently visited route by climbers on Mount Kilimanjaro. It s also referred to as the "Whiskey route", better suited to the slightly more adventurous hiker, not prioritizing accommodation comfort preference, however rewarding with a unique scenic splendour.

6 Days Mount Kilimanjaro trekking via Umbwe route

Hiking Duration: 6 days Umbwe route is one of the shortest Mount Kilimanjaro routes to the Southern glaciers and the Western Breach. It is probably the most scenic, non-technical route on Mount Kilimanjaro. It originates from the Umbwe environs.

7 Days Mount Kilimanjaro trekking via Umbwe route from Nairobi

The Mount Kilimanjaro Umbwe route is one of the shortest routes to the Southern Glaciers and the Western Breach. It is probably the most scenic, non-technical route on Mount Kilimanjaro. It is quite taxing, primarily due to the relatively fast ascent to Mount Kilimanjaro higher altitude, but the rewards are plentiful.


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