Road trips to new places, discovering new routes, enjoying the journey - the breeze, the views, the people along the way - as well as the destination are one of the great travel experiences you can have. And the serendipity - the unexpected pleasures and adventures that arise along the way - can make them all the more memorable and enjoyable. And if you haven't experienced the joys of motorcycle travel, read on and see what you've been missing.

Enjoy Nearly Unfettered Freedom

Bikers are their own drivers and guides, and can stop when and where they want. Same goes for cars, though, right? Yes, but motorbikes can in many cases also take you places and provide experiences that cars can't easily reach, such as out in the countryside and even the wilderness.

Meet Like-minded People

Bikers are a distinct breed - adventurous souls of all ages and from all walks of life. And you'll meet a lot of fellow riders on your way, kindred souls with whom you can bond, chat about common interests, learn new travel/cycling tips, and share travel stories. You'll find this is a camaraderie of the road like few others - and a built-in social circle nearly everywhere you go!

Save Money

Motorcycle cost less and therefore rent for less than cars, and their day-to-day maintenance requirements are also less expensive. So you'll save on fuel, tolls, fuel, and repairs - and the money you save can go toward enhancing the actual experiences on your trip, allowing you to see more, do more, and if youu're so inclined, eat/buy more. 

Gain New Perspectives

If you love travelling and exploring, then mark my words, you're going to love a motocycle road trip. Enjoying nature and the outdoors, the sounds, the people - everything around you will look so different and you'll vividly live every moment. It's guaranteed to bring about a change in perspective and feelings you've never experienced before that you'll find incredibly refreshing - maybe even life changing!

Impress on the Go

Finally, let's not forget the "cool" factor! Bikers on the road always turn heads - their personality, their speed, their style, and overall look is undeniably attention-grabbing. The leather jackets rippling in the wind, the vroom-vroom of their bikes, the gleaming helmets, the cool shades - every motorcycle rider makes quite an impression. (And of course, those accessories aren't just for show - they're crucial for safe riding, guarding against weather conditions, dust, and most importantly accidents.)

So rent a bike and hit the road - you're in for the ride of a lifetime!








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  • Owning a motorcycle has proven to be one of the greatest decisions I've ever made, as it has allowed me to embark on incredible tours across my beloved country, Kenya. The freedom and exhilaration that come with riding this motorcycle have enhanced my travel experiences in ways I could have never imagined.


    • Nice! And how are the roads?


    • Nis of our roads here are paved but we have a few unpaved and good for off roaders. Planning to come ride in Kenya? 

    • Tempting!


    • Come I will show you routes and places to visit on a bike! you are into paved or off road terains?

  • I'll pass. As a kid I lost the skin on my right arm and leg to a mini-trail. As an adult I was given a motorcycle and driver in France. She made an abrupt stop and I landed in a ditch.

    • Wow, well I guess one can hardly argue with that, Allan!


    • I do do two wheels, just not motorized. I've cycled in Paris, throught the English countryside (okay, there was an ambulance ride to the ER in Bath), biked in Beijing and in Whistler, Quebec and twice the length of PEI. When I'm peddling accidents are restricted to a slower speed and slightly less harm. laughing

  • I read this wistfully. I'm beyond getting on a motorcycle at this point, but I can definitely see the allure.

  • Vroom vroom!

This reply was deleted.