Mardi Himal of the trek is the most fascinating and beautiful trek of the country. Located on the eastern part of the Annapurna Himalayan range, this mountain is truly nature's amazing art. It lies 26.7 km away from Pokhara. The route to Mardi Himal Trek incorporates a wonderful way through dense forest and beautiful hills. Quiet and spectacular view of snowy mountains, cloudy hills and greenery followed to the destination are the major attractions of this place. Apart from that, the bonus point is you can also visit Annapurna Base camp while trekking through Mardi Himal.

Major Attractions:

  1. Explore the beautiful nature

Mardi Himal Trek is the most glorious opportunity to take a break from your busy lives and get lost in beautiful nature for a while. This trek will lead you through the dense forest areas, beautiful high hills to the sacred mountains. This is the best way to explore nature and make some lifetime memories. You can observe various rare plants and species and also various wildlife's during the trek. And the beautiful natural scenarios of the Mardi Himal and the view of breathtaking mountains like Annapurna, Fishtail, Dhaulagiri, Himchuli, etc make this place small heaven of its own. Also, what will be a better way to explore nature with adventure than such a wonderful Mardi Himal.

  1. Landscape and terraced farms

Get to make your journey through the amazing landscapes and beautiful terraced farms of the region. The greenery in the farms and terraces of local people make this place even more exotic. You also get to know about the local farming and cultivation of people in the area. These beautiful landscapes and terraced also provide an excellent view of photography and thus allowing you to capture the beautiful memories of this place for a lifetime.

  1. Explore the local food and culture

During the journey, you get to stay in the local hotel or the guesthouse. These places usually serve Nepalese local or cultural foods. This helps you to know the place even much better with their food and culture. You get exposure to completely different and new lifestyles, traditions, festivals and food of the local people of the region.

  1. Sunset and Sunrise views

Mardi Himal Trek is mainly famous for its breathtaking sunset and sunrise views. You can get the sunset and sunrise views from the Australian Camp which lies 2000m above. Also, you can spend the night in that place during the journey. High camp or the Mardi Himal Viewpoint also provides the spectacular view of sunset and sunrise in the Mardi Himal. But make sure you go on a suitable season so that the views don't get blocked by clouds. When the rays of the sun touch the snowy White Mountains, it not only provides a wonderful scene of natural beauty but also adds hope and perspectives to your life.

  1. Climate and clean air

This trek provides a precious opportunity to be away from pollution and noise and lets you spend some time in peace and solitude. The clean and fresh air of this region along with the cool weather makes it an unforgettable place.

  1. Dense Forest

This is another major attraction for the trekkers of Mardi Himal. The journey goes through the beautiful deep dense forests. One can get an amazing view of beautiful flowers including the national flower of our country Rhododendron. And also the view of rare wildlife like Musk Deer, Snow Leopard, etc and even the various rare birds.

Things to consider

  1. Weather

The best weather to go on a Mardi Himal Trek is during the autumn season which includes the months of September, October, and November. Especially in the month of October, trekking is highly preferred in Nepal to get a better view of mountains and for the easiness of the travelers. The temperature of the Mardi Himal area during this time remains normally 15-20 degrees Celsius during daytime and night may fall to 5 degrees Celsius. Also during this season, the weather remains usually stable with fewer chances of high rain and more beautiful sceneries with the presence of rare flora and fauna. The autumn season is also specified in our country by the presence of various festivals, so one can explore Nepalese local culture and festivals during the time. Thus, the month of October or the autumn season is considered as the best time to explore trekking in Nepal.

  1. Budget

The cost of Mardi Himal trek includes the cost of accommodation, food trekking types of equipment, permission costs, and other related costs. This cost also depends on the days of trekking; for example, you may take five days trip or eleven days or as per your choice. However, this trek is less costly as compared to the other treks of the country.

  1. Health conditions

You are supposed to be in a sound health condition in order to enjoy your journey.

  1. Necessary permissions

You need two main permissions for Mardi Himal Trek. They include The Annapurna conservation area entry permit (ACAP) and The Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS). It costs $20 with Nrs 260 Vat and $20 for both respectively. ACAP entry permit is even less for SAARC nationals.

  1. Equipment and related materials

These include the basic trekking materials you need on the journey like water bottle, trekking shoes, hand sanitizer, sunblocks, maps, first aid kit, etc.

So these are the main things to consider before starting your journey.

Route for Mardi Himal trekking

  1. i) Pokhara to Kande or Dhampus

The starting point for Mardi Himal trekking is usually Kande or Dhampus Phedi. Both are around a one-hour driving distance from Pokhara. However, both the location takes you to a beautiful village, Deurali.

  1. ii) Deurali to forest camp

It almost takes six hours to reach a forest camp from Deurali. One can explore the forest areas, rare species of plants and flowers.

iii) Forest camp to high camp

High camp is at a height of 3580 meters. The distance from forest camp to high camp is seven kilometers and it takes almost seven hours to reach high camp

  1. iv) High camp to Mardi Himal view point and return to high camp

Mardi Himal base camp or the viewpoint is the place where you can see breathtaking mountains around you. It's at the height of 4500 meters with the view of Annapurna range, Machhapuchre Mountain, Himchuli and others. You can also see Yak, sheep, and goats from lower village grazing in the land After the great view you can trek down to high camp.

  1. v) High camp to Pokhara

After exploring the amazing Mardi Himal base camp you can return to high camp and then back to Pokhara.


And then you can return from this amazing journey with life experiences and memories with you. Mardi Himal Trek is not just a trekking journey, it's a complete package mixed with adventure in nature, familiarity with a new culture, breathtaking natural views and exploration of the sacred mountain regions. It's not just a few days holiday, it's a lifetime achievement.


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