9 Best Instagram-Worthy Spots in Manchester, England


We adore Manchester, as evident by now. The city blends club vibes with industrial roots and some of the UK's finest dining spots. It's a top choice for both living and studying.

TikTok may be trending, but dancing in sync is not always a given. Instagram, on the other hand, remains our favourite social media platform. With Manchester's rich cultural heritage and diverse offerings, it is a perfect canvas for you to showcase your creativity, impress your Instagram followers, and perhaps even induce a little FOMO among your friends.

Here are the must-visit spots in Manchester:

1. Mamucium

This historic gem in Castlefield surprises amidst the canal bars. Erected in 79AD, this Roman fort guarded strategic roads toward Chester and York. Since it was rebuilt, it stands impressive and offers a unique addition to your feed. Adjacent to Castlefield Bowl, it hosts epic summer gigs.

2. John Rylands Library

Neo-gothic grandeur awaits here. The stained glass alone could fill your feed for days!

3. Menagerie

Located at One New Bailey Bridge Street, Menagerie exudes luxury. Your followers will envy its lush greenery and stylish design, perfect for those posh cocktails or a chic bath pose.

4. Northern Quarter

Once vastly different, it is now the city's artistic and independent heart. Wander through streets adorned with street art, discovering new bars and boutiques daily.

5. Street Art

Manchester's street art scene is thriving, with local artists creating iconic pieces. The Northern Quarter is a hub for murals; don't miss Stevenson Square's tributes to legends like David Bowie and Amy Winehouse.

6. Richmond Tea Rooms

Step into Wonderland with this tea party haven. A true Alice in Wonderland vibe.

7. Sunset Bar

An influencer hotspot is offering affordable cocktails in a photogenic setting. Capture the peony wall and neon signs from one of their outdoor tables.

8. The Ivy

Arguably, Spinningfields' most Instagrammable spot, with three floors of ever-changing, edgy décor. Snap a shot from the terrace overlooking Hardman Square.

9. Yard and Coop & V Revs

Foodies, rejoice! Yard and Coop serves up mouthwatering fried chicken, a feast for the eyes and the Gram. Across the street, vegans can indulge in V Revs' delectable offerings. Deep-fried delights and tempting dishes await your lens.

Discover the hidden gems of Manchester, capture its unique essence, and leave your followers in awe with stunning posts that showcase the city's beauty. As you post more captivating content, you'll notice your Instagram likes to grow and your audience expands. Keep sharing your experiences with the world, and watch as your influence on social media continues to blossom.

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