Nepal is a land of majestic peaks and the exotic landscapes. If you wish to visit Nepal you have many things to involve into. Alike many tourists, if you plan to go on mountainous treks then you have the bunch of choices. The peaks extending from the east to the western border of Nepal opens up different trek opportunities for you. Treks extend from Everest Base in the east to the Saipal Himal Trek in the far west.

Many travelers choose to trek in the Annapurna region thanks to its good roads, pathways through the bunch of villages, lush forests of rhododendron and pines. But the heavy inflow of tourist has made the place less attractive. But the alternative Manaslu Circuit is still an unsophisticated route. En route you will explore the diverse culture, geography, and religious variations. This is far way different and adventurous trek route than than Annapurna Circuit Trek.


The geography and climatic condition of both these treks are quite similar. You will have wonderful trekking experience in quaint surroundings. But if you are in search of real adventure in a remote location, then go for Manaslu Circuit Trek. I will explain in few points:

1. Less Crowded

Manaslu Circuit trek is a virgin trek route very few know about, in remote and solitary surroundings.  You need to have special permits to trek in this region. Also, the novelty of the route makes it difficult to detect the easy routes. So, you need to plan trek with a licensed travel guide in this region. And the bonus you will have is you can walk with no crowds around you.
You will get enough time for the adventures you are seeking for. It is more exclusive and unspoiled trek route. Being remote and less crowded the Manaslu trek is cheaper than most others.

While the Annapurna region is quite popular among tourists because of its renowned routes. You can travel anytime, even without the travel guides. And because many people have visited the route, there is less chance you get lost on the route. This wide popularity of the route makes it crowded and you may not get enough time for the adventures.


2. Cultural Diversity

In this trek, you walk through the spectacular settlements of Hindu and Tibetan peoples. The Tibetans of the upper Budhi Gandaki are the descendants of Tibetan immigrants. Their speech, dress, customs are especially Tibetan. The Sherpas and Tamangs in the region inherit ancient culture imported by their ancestors.

There are monasteries over 100 years old. They reflect on the lives of the Tibetan descendants.  Among them is ancient  Pungyen Gompa.  It rests in a grassy highland surrounded by the mystic mountains. The monastery has the high influence of Tibetan Buddhist practices and Shamanism.

You choose a side trip to Tsum Valley- a Himalayan pilgrimage valley in the north of Gorkha. The pathway strewn with Buddhist chortens and walls painted in the drawings of deities and prayers entices you in the route. You can have deep insight into the lives of people of Tibetan origins with their unique dialects.


In the village you will have the privilege of exploring the ancient Gompas: Mu Goumba, Goumba Londang. These are the relics of the  Trans-Himalayan culture.

Meanwhile, on on the Annapurna Circuit you will explore the diverse culture of Gurung, Thakali, Manangba peoples. They have a unique lifestyle, cultures which fascinates the travelers. They are popular for the remarkable hospitality they provide.

But the wide popularity of Annapurna region has made them more familiar to the wider world. So if you wish to know or see something different or new then Manaslu Circuit Trek can be a better option.

3. Side Trip to the Tibetan Border

You can go on day side trips from Samdo village (3,800 meters) to Rui La Pass (also called Lajing Bhanjyang) at 4,998 meters high. The pass is a vantage point for exploring Tibetan landscapes.

In this trek, you walk through the sacred Himalayan pilgrimage valley, Tsum valley, close to Tibet. The Mu Gompa is very close to the Tibetan border. From the Gompa, you can enjoy the sight of magnificent Tibetan plateaus and arid landscapes. walk into the ancient salt trade route to Tibet,

If you are lucky, you will get chance to witness a Yak caravan crossing the Riu La Pass to trade goods into Nepal. The area comprises subtropical Himalayan foothills to arid Trans- Himalayan high pastures bordering Tibet.

In Annapurna Circuit Trek, you can trek up to Thorung La Pass (5,416 meters) to reach Tibetan border. In this trek, you have to trek in a higher altitude than in Manaslu Trek to reach the Tibetan border.

4. Real Trails

In the Manaslu Circuit Trek, you do not have to walk on the roads like Annapurna Circuit. The novel trek route is still in its primitive phase. There are very few driveable roads in higher altitudes. Which means you will have enough time to walk around the actual trails.


This route gives you the real adventure of trekking. Even when you feel lethargic, you'll still, wish to continue walking in the pristine surrounding, along the ancient routes used by the locals for trade and daily activities. What more do you need when you get to experience the real feeling of walking off the beaten track?

But the current developmental works in Annapurna region has transformed the trek route. The route has shortened the availability of motorable roads. If you feel like unable to walk, you can drive up-to Muktinath, Manang. That means you will have less time to walk in the pristine surrounding.

Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Spectacular view of Mount Manaslu (8,163 meters)
  • Primitive Hindu and Tibetan-style Buddhist villages
  • Manaslu Conservation Area
  • Fewer crowds, restricted region
  • Close to Tibetan border
  • High altitude glacial lakes
  • New trails reconstructed after Gorkha earthquake


Despite the treks’ many bonuses, many travelers are afraid to choose this trek, especially after the Gorkha earthquake of 2015. But you need not fear. The accelerating reconstruction work has made the trek route safe, easy, and accessible. Different bridges, tea-houses, lodges en route provides services for the ease of the travelers. The Manaslu circuit trek route is safe even after the devastating earthquake.

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  • Manaslu Circuit Trek begins from the beautiful drive to Dhadingbeshi-Aarughat from Kathmandu. The Manaslu Mountain in itself is the world's eighth tallest mountain and being in its foothill could be loaded with the enterprise. Aarughat is the little occurrence town lying in the bank of Budhi Gandaki River associating Dhading and Gorkha area of Nepal.

    Manaslu Circuit trek 17 days most booming trekking in Nepal for high mountains, lakes and rich in cultural diversities. Relish restricted trekking ro…
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