Luxury Taj Mahal Tour

Luxury Taj Mahal Tour

Discover the beauty of Taj Mahal that too in luxurious way,what more you want...If you are not a king,doesn't matter just feel like one.Taj Mahal and Luxury just a superb combination, this might be one of the best way to pamper yourself and have that feeling of royalty within yourself while visiting such a royal monument i.e., Taj Mahal.

The Luxury Taj Mahal Tour starts with your arrival at Delhi Airport itself for that you need to book Luxury car of your choice, it can be BMW, Mercedes,etc..Your tour is gonna be really comfortable and lavish in such cars. If you want you can stay at Delhi for a day,the car will drop you till hotel for relax meanwhile and then pick you up for sight seeing as Delhi is the capital of kingdoms and empires is now a sprawling metropolis with a tremendous blend of the past and the present. After a mini sight seeing in Delhi you can have your meal in any of the luxurious restaurant and then all the way to city of Taj.It hardly take 2 n half hour from Delhi to Agra by Yamuna Express Way with all the facilities between the routes.

As soon as you arrive Agra check into the hotel.There are several luxurious hotels 4 Star or 5 Star as per your choice.Some of the suggested hotels are:

  • The Oberoi Amarvillas
  • Trident Agra
  • Courtyard by Marriott
  • Jaypee Palace Hotel
  • ITC Mughal A Luxury Collection Hotel Agra

You will definitely love the Traditional Approach and warm welcome given by such hotels to make you feel Royal.After resting for sometime and fresh n up you can have the Afternoon visit to Taj also known as Sunset Taj view which is also included in Luxury Taj Trip,as there would be less rush or chaos.Or else if you have decided to stay back at hotel to take rest and enjoy the beauty of your hotel you can make your luxury visit next day early in the morning to the Taj ,the sunrise view of Taj Mahal. The sunrise view is gonna be really awesome the Taj Mahal turns to shine golden while sunrise ,who would not love to witness such views and like sunset Taj visit there would be less chaos and rush so your trip will turn more beautiful and worthful.Also opt the genuine guide for the true facts and figures and knowledge about the trip, as the Taj Mahal is not just externally beautiful but its internals i.e.,its story basically the story of its relevance,the story of eternal love will left you stunned.

After visit to Taj just don't waste your time in hotel as Agra has much to offer from amazing markets to food hubs to many more monuments to beautiful gardens and so on.
For all who love Royalty and have big budget the Luxury Taj Mahal tour is best.As you can have the relatable feeling of Royal touch that itself sound lavish.