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Whalewatching in Dominical, Costa Rica

Something unique you can’t miss when you visit Dominical Beach.

marino-ballena-300x207.jpg?width=300Bahía Ballena (Whale Bay) is located in the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, within the canton of Osa. It’s only 15 minutes south of the town that is very well known for surfers: Dominical. Surrounded by a majestic natural splendor of the southern Pacific region, Dominical town offers its visitors this God’s breathtaking and exclusive nature’s spot.

The main reason for this given name comes from the giant sandbar whale- like tail

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Fall Fun in Maui

Warm. Exotic. Remote. Unforgettable. All these describe beautiful Maui -- one group of Hawaii's breathtaking islands-- especially this time of year. It is plentiful in luxury accommodations and activities, which are as varied as the thousands of people that visit throughout the year. Whether you like to hike, shop, jog, sun bathe, ski, or just take in the beautiful scenery, Maui is a great place to vacation. It is definitely more than another beach vacation as there is so much more than beaches
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