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The Parrot's Perch bucket dumps 400 gallons of water to everyone's delight at CoCo Key's waterpark (© 2010 Karen Rubin/

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Coco Key Hotel & Waterpark is a refreshing addition to Orlando, already the indisputable world capital of family fun. In fact, Coco Key was built for fun.

Most important for families: it offers resort features for a hotel price, is a Universal-Orlando partner propert

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Traveling Your Conscience

I promise not to step up on a soapbox here, but, if you're a traveler or travel professional, I've been wondering how you handle traveling to places that have political or policy environments that go against your conscience. Brutal political regimes where human rights are a rare commodity are perhaps the most obvious examples, but what about states, provinces, etc. in your own country that have enacted laws or policies that go against your values.For example, I suspect many of you who are readin
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