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The web is full of advice for fearful fliers. Pilots say “knowledge is power." They believe, perhaps naively, that if a people understands how safe flying is, their fear will disappear. But this view ignores that fact that any situation where a person is not in control and escape is blocked causes huge anxiety.

Mental-health professionals aren't much better. They offer CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), a stock solution that works well for ground-based anxiety, but not for flight-based anxiety.

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An Inflight Turbulence Primer


by VadeAviones.com

At one point or another we’ve all experienced bumpy patches during a flight, and whether we’re nervous flyers or not, few of us enjoy it.

So what exactly is air turbulence, technically speaking? Wind, of course, is the movement of air particles in greater or lesser degree, and turbulence is produced when that movement is disrupted and disturbances appear in the form of vortices. This is caused by different meteorological situations, the most common being vertically develo

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