pyongyang sightseeing (2)

North Korea Travel: Visit to Downtown Pyongyang

Part 2 of a four-part series by J. Thalia Cunningham.


The capital of North Korea has more than its shares of monuments, but presumably, people live here, too. So one day our tour group visited some places beyond the great monuments and memorials that might offer some insight into what real life in Pyongyang is like.

9008639076?profile=originalAt a department store, a few women were nosing around the perfume counter. Upstairs we spotted a man and woman at the jewelry counter. Otherwise, we were the only folks in the stor

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Part 1 of a four-part series by J. Thalia Cunningham


While North Korea has not given up its hobby of saber-rattling at South Korea, it has made things a little easier for travelers who want to visit. I've found that getting in via Beijing is pretty straightforward, provided it’s done "properly” -- that is, by obtaining visas and making arrangements through an authorized  9008633870?profile=originaltour operator. Yes, tour operator – but don’t despair. The other people in the tour group were anything but boring: They inc

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