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6 Highlights of French St. Martin

12239387653?profile=RESIZE_930xPaul Sableman

The northern part of the island shared with Dutch Sint Maarten was colonized by the French in the early 17th century, and today Saint-Martin (population just over 39,000) is a “collectivity” of France, an overseas territory with considerable autonomy. This side of the island is known for its French influence, gastronomic delights, and beautiful beaches.




The capital of French St. Martin (pop. 5,700, above and top) is a laid-back blend of French and Caribbean culture filled

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Rhum, the Spirit of Guadeloupe

Somewhere in the Caribbean between Puerto Rico and St Lucia is the archipelago of Guadeloupe (pronounce gwa-day-LOOP). The French West Indies or French Caribbean are currently comprised of two territories (St Barthélemy aka St Barth and St Martin) and two overseas states -“départements” in French (Guadeloupe along with Martinique). The French West Indies have always looked towards the old continent rather towards their Caribbean neighbors. Flying from the USA, a long journey and a couple of con

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